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If He Does These Things, He’s Probably Talking To Someone Else

If He Does These Things, He’s Probably Talking To Someone Else

Women are born with excellent intuition! You know that gut feeling in your stomach that speaks loud and clear to alarm you? I think every woman is born with it and it’s like our superpower. We just need to learn to trust ourselves enough to listen to that feeling.

You probably sometimes had that awful doubt that something was wrong in your relationship. Heck, maybe you have it even now. That tiny little voice that tells you he might be talking to someone else, or texting them on his phone. 

Perhaps you’re just paranoid without any good reason. However, it just doesn’t sit right with you and you would rather be safe than surprised.

It’s time to listen to yourself and take matters into your own hands. These subtle signs will for sure resolve your doubts!

1. He’s always too busy for you

Remember the times when he was all over you even though you used to spend all your moments together? Now it’s more like he’s suddenly always occupied with something else and you found yourself craving for his attention. It feels like you are not worthy enough of his ‘precious’ time.

Don’t forget that your time is also valuable and you shouldn’t waste it and be someone’s second option. If he’s always busy for you, believe me when I say, someone else is entertaining him.

2. Lame excuses are all he has

He always has some stupid excuse for everything he does and the way he acts. It’s like he’s not even trying to make up something more believable. If he always comes up with something when you try to confront him and doesn’t want to talk openly, be sure that something’s fishy.

When my ex, who always used to seem honest and direct, started making lame excuses, I knew something was up! And I was right. After countless arguments and attempts to mask his behavior, he got tired and finally admitted he was seeing someone else.

3. He hides his phone while using it

Every time he’s on his phone it looks like he’s hiding some damn government information. I mean, everyone values their privacy, but would he really act so protective if he wasn’t doing anything suspicious?

It’s not even like you would usually peek at his screen to see what he’s doing, but acting in such a way makes you insecure about his intentions.

4. Talking in front of you is off-limits

He runs to another room like Speedy Gonzales whenever someone calls him acting like an FBI agent working on a secret task. You also like to take some calls in private, but every time? It just seems wrong and unnecessary.

I remember the guy I dated used to always run away in panic whenever his phone rang. There was just something weird about it. One week later, guess what I found in his phone records? Dozens of calls from the same woman I never heard about.

5. His notifications are always on silent

Now even his phone is giving you the silent treatment! If you never heard his phone make a single peep it’s certainly not because he never gets any notifications.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your phone to annoy you when you are having a romantic dinner, but always? Girl, this ain’t right.

Nothing screams a red flag more than the phone always being on silent with its screen facing down. It sends a loud and clear message, don’t cover your ears! 

6. Another woman keeps popping up 

The subconscious mind is truly something incredible. It can make you do things without even realizing it.

If he keeps mentioning another woman in different contexts and stories, he probably outed himself without intending it. Be thankful if that ever happens because he would do you a huge favor.

7. His phone is sacred to him

He protects his phone like it’s something sacred all the time. They should probably hire him to protect some national treasure or something. This man would guard it with his life, seriously.

Not only that, but he uses it every waking moment of the day and night. It’s like it became a part of his body! It’s never out of his sight or hand. Even if he leaves the room for a second, that phone is coming with him. If he only paid that much attention to you and not a freaking device.

8. No response to your texts even if he’s online

Gen Z came up with a perfect term to describe this – ghosting. He acts like an invisible ghost and whenever he sees your message he’s suddenly blind.

His phone is always in his hands and you see him typing all the time, but he’s not as quick to answer when it comes to you. Yeah, this one’s pretty obvious. 

9. He acts strange and shady

Men are sometimes…let’s say, easy to read. They can never relax and always look like they are on their toes waiting for something to happen. They don’t even realize the way they act when they are guilty.

Like those videos of dogs that ripped their owner’s pillows pretending they don’t know what happened. You can simply see it in their eyes. It may sound funny but it’s the same with men. 

Try being relaxed and acting as usual while you’re hiding something big and leading two lives at the same time. I bet you wouldn’t be very laid back and successful in it.

A lot of these things could be only a game of guessing so the best solution would be to talk openly to your partner about everything that gives you doubts and insecurities. If he becomes defensive and angry, there’s your answer!

Don’t forget that every time you can’t silence the voice in your head and the feeling in your gut, maybe you shouldn’t. The universe gave women intuition for a reason. Use it wisely and to your advantage!