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Man Gets Accused Of “Guilt-Tripping” His Wife After Failing To Take Care Of The Kids Alone

Man Gets Accused Of “Guilt-Tripping” His Wife After Failing To Take Care Of The Kids Alone

Whenever my man starts complaining about how he’s exhausted, I start rolling my eyes so hard, I think I see my brain.

The ugly truth is more than obvious: women do most of the chores related to household and child care. Every research proves women do most of the hard work, even when both of the partners have a full-time job.

When there are children around, it goes to a whole new level. As if nursing, feeding, bathing, dressing, etc. are not enough, over time, moms become the project managers of all family activities, too.

They juggle important dates, schedules, grocery store lists, etc. Their brain is a database of a great deal of information e.g. the size of children’s shoes or clothes, types of medicines to be used for allergies, diarrhea or fever treatment, and what needs to be fixed or replaced around the house.

I could continue listing all the roles we perform and all the burdens we carry on our backs, but gurl, you already know this, don’t you?

Instead, I’ll tell you a shocking real-life story, about a woman who was asked to help her husband with kids, after he spent two weeks resting in Hawaii. Alone!

Would you sacrifice so your man can enjoy Hawaii alone?

Credit: Reddit

A man in his 30s shared his story on the subreddit “r/AITA”.

He explained his salary is the main source of income for his family as he is the one with a full-time job, while his wife, Lisa, a stay-at-home mom, is working part-time, making and selling jewelry at her Etsy shop. They have three kids under the age of five.

At one point, he was awarded a bonus at work and made a deal with his wife to spend money for a two-week vacation in Hawaii, alone, and get some good rest. During that time Lisa was supposed to stay home and take care of the kids.

The wife can’t catch a break!

Credit: Reddit

“When I returned, Lisa was exhausted and I initially agreed to take the kids for the afternoon so she could have some time to herself and unwind.”

His plan to take over the kids so she can rest was tossed out by a cousin’s invitation for the whole family to join a barbecue party.

A man was thrilled for the opportunity to see his cousin (who he was very close to) and some friends from childhood. He persuaded Lisa to go there (even if she was very openly against the idea), promising she would have a great time at the barbecue and he would watch the kids.

He wasn’t capable of taking care of his OWN kids?!

Credit: Reddit

After some time, he noticed his kids were getting wild: screaming, fighting, whining, and jumping all over the place. Multiple attempts to make them calm down were unsuccessful as the kids just ignored his words.

“I repeatedly walked over to Lisa to ask her to give me a hand with the kids, each time she declined and said I agreed to watch them and this is her downtime.”

He got mad and started yelling at his wife to come and help. His tone and choice of words made Lisa angry as well, so she reminded him of his promise. She pointed out she wasn’t very glad to come there in the first place, as she needed time to rest.

The man argued that he hadn’t seen these people for ages and asked his wife not to make a scene while forgetting he started the scene himself.

The scene didn’t go unnoticed:

 “A few people overheard us and we caught a few comments about Lisa being a lazy mom who only wanted to pawn her kids off on me/she’s taking advantage of me.”

Lisa started crying, and soon after she went in the car and left.

Later that night, when he arrived home with the kids, the husband tried to smooth things out by explaining how he had a hard time putting the kids under control and how he needed just a little bit of help from her side.

Lisa, again reminded him he was enjoying his two-weeks-rest in Hawaii while she was handling kids all alone.

Also, she was disappointed by the lack of his support while other people were saying bad things about her. It was at least unfair to let other people insult her, after sacrificing herself to enable him to get a proper rest.

Reddit community was outraged with his bad behavior

People on Reddit were massively judging him for being so insensitive and selfish. These few comments will summarize their overall opinion regarding his acts.

“The two weeks on Hawaii by himself were insane already. What kind of partner does that? And then generously give her one Saturday off, except not really?

Credit: Reddit

You’re a pathetic excuse for a father and husband. I hope Lisa leaves you. She can do so much better.

Credit: Reddit

“That woman is a saint. How she deals with him is beyond me.”