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Being Single Means I’m Working On Myself, For Myself, By Myself

Being Single Means I’m Working On Myself, For Myself, By Myself

What does a single woman do? She enjoys her own damn company.

Every single girl out there needs to hear the following: Being single doesn’t mean your life hasn’t started yet.

I’ve seen so many girls thinking that something life-changing is going to happen when they meet their Mr Right.

Girl, your soulmate, once you meet him, and God knows when that will be, is going to bring a lot of happiness into your life but you get to live with yourself both now and forever.

Don’t waste your single time waiting for a man to start your life.

I realized that my worth has nothing to do with being single or taken. On the other hand, my worth has plenty to do with working hard on who I am.

Improving myself every day is what raises my value, not being in a relationship.

Why do I work on myself? Is it to become better in order to meet a guy? Hell no. I’m working on myself FOR MYSELF.

I can be whomever I want to be. I can do whatever I want to do. My time is now, not one day when I find my forever person.

I deserve to give myself the best possible version of myself. I won’t be keeping that for anyone.

Too many beautiful, lovely, good-hearted women end up realizing they don’t even know who they are or how they got there once they find themselves at a certain time of their life—unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and still without a man.

Not giving yourself the chance to set your own goals and give your best to fulfill your own dreams and your own destiny will leave you empty, even once you finally meet the one.

No matter how much you’ll love that amazing person and no matter how much they will love you, they can’t be everything for you.

That person, no matter how perfect for you, will never be able to fill the void in you created by you wasting your time waiting for them.

You get to live once. You don’t know what’s waiting for you. The truth is, everybody’s life is different. We don’t know what God has in store for us.

Some of us are meant to go through most of our life without that special someone, meeting them very far into the story, and that’s perfectly okay.

Once you do get to hold your soulmate’s hand in yours, you will know it has all been worth it. However, waiting for that moment so you can start living your life will bring you absolutely no good.

For once in your life, be your own true love.

Think about this: If I asked you right now what the things are that you love the most in this world, how long would it take you to think of yourself?

That’s right, you’d list a whole lot of things before even thinking of yourself and some of you ladies out there would never even remember yourself. Isn’t that kinda sad?

I know you, girls. You’re patient, empathetic, intelligent, beautiful women who think that what’s missing in your life is a man to get your life to be complete.

Trust me on this one, it’s not.

Tonight, sit down with yourself and think hard about this, please. Do you want to waste your time anymore?

Do you really think there’s a person out there who will solve every little problem and fill every void in your life?

If the answer is yes, well, Cinderella, good luck. I honestly hope your fairy tale happens.

If your answer is no…Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. From now on, you take care of yourself first.

Remember that while every person in our life brings us a lot of joy, kindness and amazing moments to be cherished, you and only you are the source of your own happiness.

Work on yourself every single day, not for anyone except for yourself. Be happy to be alive, be happy to be unique.

Don’t let anyone make you think your single time is a low point of your life. Don’t let yourself be brought to thinking that being single means you are lonely.

Own your life and make sure it counts for something.

Congratulations on being single, you lucky girl.