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We Have To Stop Clinging To What God Wants To Replace

We Have To Stop Clinging To What God Wants To Replace

Do you think that only you know what you need in your life in order to be happy? That you know yourself best?

Well, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem so, you have to know: God is the only one who always knows what’s best for us.

He sees the unseen. He sees things that we can’t. He is the only one who can see things that haven’t even happened yet. He sees the future.

Only He knows what’s good for you and only He can give it to you. He is always on our side. That’s why we have to praise Him and put all our hope in Him.

I know that we are confused and disappointed when God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we would want.

In those situations, we have to trust His will the most because He only wants to protect us.

Sometimes, we aren’t aware of the fact that our own wishes and prayers aren’t good for us, but God knows it and saves us from it.

No matter how much we want and pray for things that God knows aren’t good for us, He isn’t going to answer those prayers. It’s not always easy to accept this, but we have to.

Then, after a while, we realize that what we thought was good for us and God didn’t give to us, is actually so bad and wrong for us. Only then we start thanking God for protecting us.

We should always know that God is protecting us all the time – that everything He does is for our good. That’s why we have to be grateful to Him always.

The fact that God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we’d like Him to is hard to accept, especially when we’re praying that he’d give us love or help us with our struggling relationships.

Love makes us blind. It makes us forget about all other things. When we fall in love with someone, we only see that person. We only want to be with them.

However, sometimes, even though we know the person is wrong for us, all our prayers become about that person.

We start praying to God to have our paths cross. When that happens and when things come to an end (and trust me, they will because you weren’t meant to stay together), we then pray that He’d save our relationship.

Deep down, we know that person isn’t right for us, yet we still love them. We can’t help but pray for God to keep that person in our lives.

He is always listening to us, but this time, we won’t get an answer. It’s His way of saying that He has already planned something else for us. Something much greater and better.

He closes all the wrong doors for us. He burns all the bridges that aren’t safe for us.

He removes toxic people from your life. Our only task is to trust Him, even when His plans seem meaningless to us at the time.

We shouldn’t hold on to things that aren’t obviously meant for us. If we are focused only on them, we could miss the better things that God sends our way.

We need to stop worrying so much about that which we can’t control. We need to learn to let go of people who aren’t meant to stay in our life forever.

I’ve learned that what was meant for me, won’t pass me by. Now that I finally accept it, my soul is at peace.

I’ve held on to a man who never deserved it for too long. I finally let go of him and put all my hope and trust in God. I know He is already bringing true love into my life.

We should always remember that God takes away something from our lives, only because He has the intention of replacing it with something much better.