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Single Vs In A Relationship – The Benefits And Shortcomings Of Your Status

Single Vs In A Relationship – The Benefits And Shortcomings Of Your Status

There is no right or wrong answer to this question because everyone has a right to have their own opinion and make their own choice.

There are a lot of people who say that the more a girl is educated and successful, the more likely that she is single. Single girls can do whatever they like, they have the whole world to themselves.

It is very hard to answer whether it is better to be single or in a relationship, considering the statistics that say that around 43% of women aged between 18 and 49 are not married, and that more women aged 25 to 44 decide to live alone than 30 years prior.

So, what is happening? Is it really better to be single? Well, it is definitely better to be single than in a bad relationship.

There is a conception that single girls are incapable of having a deep relationship with someone. You should definitely know that people’s opinions  are not relevant to your life.

One of the benefits to being single is that single girls are more ambitious, they find their happy ending in their career and that is great. That usually means that because of that, their emotional life will not be so important to them.

Also, single people are more likely to be connected to their work than those who are married, and as well as with work, they are more connected to their parents, brothers or sisters, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. If you are single, the good thing is that you can flirt and have fun all the time but unfortunately that only lasts for a short while.

At some point, it is not interesting anymore. The problem with being single is there is no support or romantic love in life, only some occasional relationships which don’t last and have no emotional meaning. Eventually, almost every single person starts missing that at some point in their life.

Being in a relationship means not only stability but efficiency because you have this amazing support in everything that you do and that is very motivating for every person.

The greatest benefit is that you are never alone—at any time of day or night, you can call the person you love. Your partner becomes your friend and someone you can rely on. That feeling of being in love, being close and intimate with someone, makes you happier and, research says, even healthier.

One of the shortcomings of being in a relationship is that you can’t have all the time for yourself without thinking about anyone else. No one is forcing you, even unintentionally, to change and adjust to some things.

But there is also the fact that you don’t care about changes if you really love that someone. We can be happy alone, that is for sure. But not everyone wants that. People are supposed to love and be loved and that feeling of being in love releases a hormone of happiness in our body. We should not avoid love. Love is not bad, it is not pain.

Love is the greatest feeling of them all, it changes us, makes us better. People get disappointed in love because they didn’t meet the right person or maybe they were not the right person for that someone because they were not ready. But we shouldn’t give up, we must give love a second and third chance. If you had a bad experience, it doesn’t mean you should forget about love; at that moment, focus on yourself, and when you are ready, the right person will show up.

There are so many reasons why it is good to be single—for example, it cleans your mind, gives you creativity, it significantly increases your confidence, it gives you independence, helps you with your perception, reduces stress and anxiety, it helps you set priorities, improves your productivity, strengthens your relationships with other people in your life and, finally, you make yourself emotionally strong.

There are also many benefits to being in a relationship—for example, you don’t need to pretend that you are in the mood if you are not, you know that you are loved and accepted, you can be yourself all the time, in a healthy relationship you can still experience the fun that a single person has, being able to fully trust someone is so important when trying to figure out your life, you can increase the status of your relationship slowly, without the pressure to jump into marriage that can come later in life, and you help recognize each other’s flaws and push each other to become a better person.

Some people spend their whole life single and they feel amazing, while others get married just to avoid other people’s comments. That is definitely wrong. In the end, we can conclude that there is no better or worse, there is only our inner guidance that tells us what is the best for us.