Hey, you! I know you aren’t used to me writing to you or me expressing my emotions in this way. I know you aren’t used to me being romantic so receiving a love letter for our anniversary is probably the last thing you expected to get.

But here I am, doing exactly that. Here I am writing a letter to my husband.

While I was thinking about what I should get you for this special day, I was looking for an appropriate card to go with my present.

But somehow, none of the cards I found could verbalize everything I feel for you.

And a simple ‘I love you’ was not enough for the man whose love is the greatest blessing in my life.

So I decided to try and put all of my emotions on paper by myself. I am not sure whether I’ll be successful in doing this because you know I was never much of a writer but I’ll do my best.

Today marks another one of our anniversaries and is, without a doubt, one of the most important dates in the year for me.

This is the date on which I married the love of my life, my partner, my lover and my best friend.

The day on which I married my better half, my biggest support, my number one fan and my family.

The day on which I married the man of my dreams and the man I want to grow old with. The day on which I swore to spend the rest of my life with you.

This is the day on which I recapitulate everything you and I have been through in the past year and on which I think of how far we have come. And the truth is that we’ve accomplished a lot.

This is a day on which I always remember the first time I saw you. On which I remember the feeling I had when our eyes met.

I remember how I felt like you were the person I’d been looking for my entire life.

Even though we didn’t know each other before that moment, strangely, I thought you were familiar to me.

It was strange how I immediately knew I could trust you. How I felt safe around you and how I felt I was right there where I belonged.

Later, I realized that the day you and I met, our souls recognized each other.

I realized that could only mean one thing: you are my soulmate and my other half.

You are the person who completes me and the person who gives my life meaning. The only man I could ever love.

young couple in love sitting on floor at home and looking each other

Today, I remember our wedding day. I remember you, standing at the end of the aisle, with tears of joy in your eyes, waiting for me to show up.

I remember our vows and I remember the way I felt when we said, “I do”.

I remember how we promised to love each other until the end of time.

And how we were strong enough to make those promises come true.

The truth is that our love story was never a real-life fairy tale. Like any other couple, we had our ups and downs.

Not everything between us was always great and our relationship wasn’t always a bed of roses.

The truth is that we had some happy and some less happy times. We shared some good times and bore some bad ones.

The truth is that we had our share of fights and disagreements and that we’ve never been a perfect couple.

But we always had trust in love to show us the right way. We’ve always had faith in us and that is what makes our marriage perfect and special. It is the fact that we’ve never questioned our love or our bond.

It’s the fact that we never questioned each other and that we never gave up on us. It’s the fact that we always fought for one another and that walking away was never an option.

It’s the fact that we are obviously imperfectly perfect for each other and that has always been more than enough.

You know, I’ve never doubted the depth of my love for you. I’ve never questioned the fact that you and I are meant to be and that you are my forever person.

I’ve never, not even for a second, thought that I could stop loving you or that I should walk away from you. And I know that you’ve felt the same.

Because we always knew it. We knew that we would make it, no matter what.

We knew that we would overcome every obstacle which came our way and that we wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to hold us back.

We knew that our love was and always will be unconditional and incredibly strong.

And look at us now. Look at how far we’ve come and look at everything we’ve accomplished.

But this is not going to be me talking about the past. This letter is about me trying to tell you how much I love you, how much you mean to me. And this is me thanking you.

I know this sounds cheesy but my life really wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t met you. I wouldn’t be the same if you hadn’t become a part of me.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not trying to tell you that you ever tried to change me.

But you did inspire me to become the best version of myself. You did push me forward and you did believe in me, even when I lost faith and hope in myself. And I can never thank you enough for doing so.

I could never thank you enough for being my rock and my biggest support.

For being someone I could always count on and for being the man I could rely on with my life.

young couple is feeding each other and smiling while cooking in kitchen

I could never thank you enough for being my best friend in the whole world, my safe harbor and my peaceful haven. I could never thank you enough for feeling like home.

For being a loyal man, worthy of my trust. For never making me doubt you, your intentions or your honesty.

For remaining faithful to me all these years and for never comparing me with any other women.

I could never thank you enough for being so committed to me and for putting this much effort into our relationship.

For appreciating my sacrifices and for making your own. For always being ready to compromise and to do whatever it takes for the sake of our relationship.

I could never thank you enough for making me fall in love with you every day for all these years.

For always reminding me what butterflies feel like. For never failing to surprise me and for remembering every little detail about me.

Thank you for listening to me and for always being there for me. Thank you for taking care of me and for always taking my needs into consideration.

Thank you for always having time for me and for always showing me that our marriage is the most important thing to you.

Thank you for being the husband you are. For showing me that not all men are the same and proving to me that I should never lose faith in love.

Thank you for being the best possible father to our children. Thank you for making me proud to have children with a man like you.

But most of all—thank you for loving me the way you do. Thank you for never taming me and for always encouraging my strength and independence.

Thank you for the fact that you were never intimidated by me and thank you for never trying to control me.

Thank you for putting up with me for all these years. For embracing my imperfections and for loving me because of them.

For loving my flaws and my qualities and for loving me at my best and at my worst.

Thank you for being you. And thank you for always allowing me to be myself around you.

I love you and I will always love you, for whatever comes our way and for the rest of our lives. Happy anniversary!

Anniversary Letter For My Husband: Thank You For Being You