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Start Over And Love Yourself The Way You Were Meant To Be Loved

Start Over And Love Yourself The Way You Were Meant To Be Loved

He never knew how to love you. And you? You loved too much, cared too deeply, and invested your whole heart, body, and soul into the relationship.

And what did you get in return? You tried so hard, but now you are tired of everything. Tired of giving love and getting nowhere. Tired of sending him SOS signals that he never noticed.

Does he not have time for you, your problems, and the things that bother you? It’s hard for you to accept, but you know deep down you are not on the top of his priority list.

The thing is, you deserve to be at the very top. You were meant to be somebody’s no. 1.

In fact, he should put you in the center of his universe. Because he was your whole world. He should love you perfectly with all your imperfections.

He doesn’t choose you over everything else, so why should you choose him then? Find peace in that fact. Today is the day you start loving yourself.

It might not be easy; it’s a learning process. But it’ll be a much better option for you because that’s how you’ll find your peace.

The greatest struggle in life is to accept, embrace, and love ourselves.

Just remember, no matter how many times you fall or get punched, you have to keep going. Take a deep breath and keep going.

But luckily, life is a fair opponent. Even if it throws you a hell of a punch, it gives you a chance to stand up and recover.

You will be gifted with a second chance for sure. Then it is all up to you. No one but you.

Life gives you lemons. It’s up to you what to do with them.

Your heart finally said, “Enough is enough.” You tried and tried, but now you’re so tired of giving love to someone who doesn’t deserve it. So, give it to yourself.

Start loving yourself the way you wanted him to love you. Prove to yourself that you are worthy of love. Forgive your past self and focus only on the future. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

The sky is not the limit, your mind is. When things change inside of you, they change around you too. It’s never too late. Change is always a good idea and its timing is always right.

You have this giant book called “Life” and every year is one chapter in that book. You are the writer of it, of course. So, why shouldn’t you write something different and better in this new chapter?!

You can’t start over if you are still holding onto the past. You have to embrace whatever has happened to you and let it go.

Leaving any relationship isn’t easy, but leaving a toxic one is necessary for you.

You deserve the truth. You need to tell yourself the truth, no matter how ugly it is. Be honest with yourself and admit that your life would be much happier without him.

I know you love him, but this time you have to choose to love yourself more. If you don’t let him go, you’ll lose yourself.

But he isn’t the only obstacle on your journey to self-love. Let go of family members that are only using you. Let go of friends who don’t reciprocate. Let go of all those toxic relationships.

Let go of a boss who doesn’t appreciate you. Let go of all the things that are not good for your health. Live your amends.

Go somewhere. Recharge your batteries.

Take one deep breath and say thank you. Thank you Past for every lesson you taught me. And thank you Life for giving me this second chance. Say hello to the Future because that’s your best friend from now on.

To be honest, starting all over is not an easy job. You’ll need to have patience. You’ll have to be full of understanding and compassion. This is one of the most challenging moments in your life.

Now you are like a caterpillar. And when you finally let him go and lock him in the past, then you’ll be ready to turn into a beautiful butterfly.

It is a process that demands much courage and confidence. You’ll become a new woman. That’s a whole chapter of your life and you are slowly and carefully entering it.

The most important thing in this process is to start loving yourself just the way you are. You just realized that life is not perfect, so why should you be?

The only perfect things about you should be your imperfections.

They are proof that you are a human being and that you are still alive. You were born perfect, but life gave you many scars that left imperfections on your body and in your heart.

But that is just how it is supposed to be. Learn to love each of those scars because memories are imprinted in every one of them. Embrace all of your imperfections and be flawsome.

We are often wrong in accepting the love we think we deserve. But what’s the point of being second in someone’s life when you can always be first in your own?

You have to understand that you are enough. If you are not enough for your partner, then you should be enough for yourself.

Self-acceptance is not just a word or concept, it’s an art. Not every man is capable of this kind of love.

But naturally, you have to work on yourself every day. You have to keep your body, mind, and spirit in good shape. All of that needs nourishment, exercise, and relaxation. Self-love and self-care go hand in hand.

Now please stand up and go look in the mirror. Say sorry to the person trapped in there and finally release it.

Now say, “I choose to love myself.” Say it again. Say it as many times as you need.

Finally, promise yourself that you will love yourself unconditionally and eternally. At that moment you’ll meet a whole new life – a life you’ll finally enjoy.

Life gave you lemons, now please go and make freaking lemonade!