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Stay Real, Stay Loyal Or Stay Away From Me

Stay Real, Stay Loyal Or Stay Away From Me

Do you ever feel like you’ve just had enough of it all? Like, you’re sick and tired of dating the wrong men and wasting your time on people who will never be able to see your worth?

Do you ever start thinking like you should give up on love? Like it is really not meant for you?

I know that giving up on love is wrong because deep down, I’m sure that we all have a soulmate, that one person who is meant for us and with whom we’ll spend the rest of our lives.

But still, honestly, after my last relationship ended, I was one step away from becoming a crazy cat lady and staying that way for the rest of my life.

What’s the point of cheating?

I don’t get it. What’s the point of playing with someone’s heart? How can someone betray the person they swear they honestly love?

When will some people learn that a human heart and emotions aren’t their toys? You can’t play with it and then throw it away when you get bored or find a new ‘toy’ for yourself.

Seeking comfort in karma

The thing that comforts me is that those people don’t believe in karma. But I do. And I know it will come knocking on their doors one day.

It’ll catch them off guard and make them pay for hurting another human being and breaking their heart. Its timing may be slow, but karma will be served one day because karma always wins.

My soul is full of bruises, and my heart is full of marks. They were both hurt so many times, and I think they’ll never be able to heal completely.

It’s time for change

That’s why I have decided to change some things. This is where I’m putting my foot down. It’s enough. I’ve had enough of the mistreatment and half-hearted love. It needs to stop right here, right now.

I’m not saying it all was my fault. Maybe some people will judge me and say how I was guilty of letting my heart get broken again and again for so many years or how it’s my fault for allowing others to treat me poorly.

I honestly just wanted to be loved. I wanted to feel that true, unconditional, eternal, forever kind of love that I was giving to others. If that’s a sin, a crime, or a mistake, then I am guilty, and I’m admitting to my crime.

To the man I will love next…

I hate myself a little bit right now for allowing men to make me feel insecure.

Now, when I’m completely aware of how much I am worth, I will never allow another man to treat me any less than I deserve ever again.

I won’t accept being treated as basic anymore. From now on, a man who’ll want to date me will have to try hard to win over my heart.

I will never again commit my time or give my honest and pure feelings to a man who isn’t ready to reciprocate them the way he should.

I will never again forgive being betrayed or cheated on. I will never again give a man more than one chance because I truly believe that if you honestly love someone, you will never hurt them.

I will never again settle for half-hearted love. There are no halves when it comes to real love. It’s either to the fullest or not at all.

The next man I date will have to put me on the top of all of his lists, but especially his list of priorities.

He’ll have to prove his feelings, but most of all, he’ll have to prove to me that love isn’t complicated.

And, the only way he’ll be able to do that is simply by truly and deeply loving me with his entire being.

I know that I don’t ask for too much. I just want to be loved, truly loved without any games or betrayals. Unfortunately, I see that’s too difficult to find in this fake world today.

I’ve decided that I won’t tolerate or entertain any more nonsense. It’s definitely time to start appreciating myself more.

It’s high time to stop allowing men who don’t deserve me to waste my precious time.

I’m tired of forgiving and sick of giving second chances. From now on, it is going to be like this: Stay real, stay loyal, or stay the hell away from me!