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Stay Single Because It’s So Much Better Than Dating Someone Who Can’t See Your Worth

Stay Single Because It’s So Much Better Than Dating Someone Who Can’t See Your Worth

Let me kick this off with a question: do you love yourself? Do you love your body and the way you laugh? Do you love the way good food makes you feel and the way you enjoy the sun? These things are very important, because if you love yourself you won’t let anyone into your life who isn’t able to see your worth and love you in that exact same way.

Stay single because, believe me, it’s so much better than being with someone who isn’t able to see your worth.

Stay single because it’s easier than constantly trying to convince someone that you are enough or that you are lovable and beautiful. If he isn’t able to see it for himself then that is his loss, not yours. You deserve way more than to sit around and wait for him to realize that you deserve the world.

Stay single because your worth shouldn’t be measured by the way you look or anything else that is so superficial. Your worth is seen in the little things and the big things. It’s seen in your intelligence and in your beautiful smile. It’s seen in the way you cry when you see injustice. You are so much more than your physical appearance, so why would you go for someone who isn’t able to see the teary eyes behind your mascara?

Stay single because you will be happier. You won’t have to spend your valuable time pretending that you’re happy and calculating your every next move in order to please his expectations. Don’t. Be aware that you are a gemstone, beautiful and strong. You can handle much worse situations than single life.

Stay single because you have the ability to put yourself first. Be your own biggest priority. You deserve it more than anyone else. Don’t just rush into a relationship because you think that it’s the convenient thing to do, that it’s easier like that. Start a relationship when you have found the right man who can treat you right.

Stay single because you are able to see your own worth. You don’t need someone to reassure you of your own worth. There’s a woman inside you just waiting to show the world how amazing she is but she keeps on getting stuck between doubt and all those different people who bring her down. Be enough for yourself, because you will never be enough for a man who isn’t able to see your worth.

When the time is right, no one will be able to set you apart from ‘the one’. But don’t just wait for that one person to enter your life and make it special, because you are able to make your life as wonderful as it gets just by being with yourself. Dedicate time and energy into new things, new hobbies and new experiences.

Being single is a blessing, believe me. You’re staying away from all the drama and all the heartache. Don’t just throw that away for someone who doesn’t want and doesn’t need to acknowledge your worth. Don’t throw your heart into the hands of a maniac who isn’t even able to hold it without breaking it into pieces.

Stay single until you find someone who’s able to see your worth. Someone who’s able to see the real you and love you for all the things you are and aren’t. He’ll come into your life and you will feel reborn, he will teach you what loving a woman really is like. But you need to show him how to treat you and respect you by treating and respecting yourself.

By seeing your own worth and appreciating everything that you are, you will actually show everyone else the worth that you have but they weren’t able to see.