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Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Truly Deserves You

Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Truly Deserves You

Embrace your single life and make the best of it—stop wasting time on exhausting relationships which lead absolutely nowhere.

Explore the world around you—all by yourself.

Learn not to settle for less than you deserve. If you date only because you don’t want to be single and if you think your only chance for happiness is slipping through your fingers—you’re doing something wrong.

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There will be a lot more chances for love. But if you force the ‘wrong’ kind of love, you may miss the opportunity on the ‘right’ one.

Stop obsessing with the eternal question: “How to know a guy loves you deeply?” Stop looking for him because he will sneak up on you when you least expect it.

And believe me, you will know that you’re not settling and he IS the one who deserves you, no question about it.

Stop forcing pointless relationships and stay single because


The time will come when you’re going to meet someone who will turn your whole world upside down. He will make you smile and he will make your eyes sparkle—for no good reason—just because you’re happy.

You will meet a guy who will understand that you’ve been hurt before. He will treat you kindly and with a lot of patience because he knows the feeling when your heart has been crushed and run over.

The care and respect he shows you are one of the signs that he truly likes you.

You will meet a guy who will get your back. He will be your rock in every little thing that you do.

Showing support is something he’s the best at and most importantly, he doesn’t force it—he genuinely means and feels that way.

You will meet a guy who is going to be your best friend. You can’t have a deep and honest romantic relationship if you are not connected on an even deeper level.

There’s no point in being with someone if you can’t share with that person your deepest fears, emotions, and the way you’re feeling when faced with difficulties. For that, you need a real friend.

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Finally stay single and don’t waste your time on the wrong guys because you will meet a guy who will make you a better person and the other way around. That’s the whole point.

The two of you are incomplete and imperfect—you have the feeling that something is missing. He is missing you and you are missing him.

Together you are perfect—don’t gamble that for someone who is not worth you.

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