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Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who ACTUALLY Gives a Damn About You

Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who ACTUALLY Gives a Damn About You

Stay single to learn to love yourself. In order to be able to love someone, you have to learn to love yourself first.

You have to respect yourself and you mustn’t doubt your decisions ever.

You have to build your character and make it indestructible, so no one can tear it down.

This is pretty much preparation for the battle (read: relationship).

You have been training your whole life to be able to defend yourself when the time for battle comes. You don’t want someone to crush you right at the start.

There is no reason for obsessing with the fact you’re single. Most girls are pretty fretful when it comes to the issue of being single or not.

A lot of them rather chose to be in any kind of relationship (good or bad) than to be single.

They are afraid their ships will sail and they won’t get another chance.

You should make the best of your situation and enjoy your life. Use the time while you are single and party like there’s no tomorrow.

Instead of forcing yourself to find someone to be with, dedicate your time to your friends and family.

Love your life and be patient. Don’t jump into relationships just to fill your void, just to be with someone so you won’t be alone.

Don’t value your self-worth by whether you are in a relationship or not. Erase your insecurities and simply enjoy your SINGLE life.

Stay single until…

Stay single until you meet the person who makes you smile up to the point your cheeks go numb and your eyes light up.

Wait around for the person who gives you butterflies every time you see him.

Stay single until you find a person who is excited to see you. He won’t make lame ass excuses to bail on you just because he doesn’t feel like seeing you or has some better things to do. After all, what can be more important than meeting you?

Stay single until you meet someone who is proud of you. He won’t show you off as a trophy or a prize won.

He will show you off to his friends or a complete stranger just because he is proud of your accomplishments as if they were his own.

Stay single until you find a person who is, above all, in love with your character.

That person will love your quirks and flaws because they are the ones which make you unique—what makes your character one of a kind.

He will respect the fact you have your bad days because you are entitled to have them as we all are. He won’t expect you to ‘wear’ a happy face all the time.

Stay single until you meet someone who wants to spend all of his free time with you. If he hasn’t got the time, he will find it or simply include you in his life.

He will share his interests with you and he will, most definitely, pay attention to the things that make you happy.

Stay single until you find someone who truly misses you.

That person will call you for no reason, merely to check up on you, not because he is bored but because he wants to.

Stay single until you meet the person who inspires you and makes you want to try even harder in everything that you do.

He makes you want more. He gives you the strength and courage to take a step forward.

Stay single until you find a person who actually gives a damn about you.