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Stop Doing These 8 Things Just Because You’re Too Nice

Stop Doing These 8 Things Just Because You’re Too Nice

I bet people have the tendency to use you for their own benefits and you let them because you are too nice to say ‘no’.

STOP doing this! You are nothing but a doormat to them.

Granting people’s every wish (because you’re too nice) will only lead to making you feel like crap while others won’t give a damn about you or your feelings. The only thing in their interest is their personal gain.

You?—You get screwed.

By filtering out unnecessary human leeches, you won’t lose the ‘nice side’ of your personality, and moreover, you will save your dignity.

So, STOP humoring everybody around you and STOP doing the following things:

1. You’re avoiding confrontation

If you notice there is the slightest chance of a possible confrontation, you will run like hell. You simply won’t let yourself face these situations because you are too nice to say anything ‘inappropriate’.

You’d rather keep your mouth shut than say something hurtful, even if that person deserved it.

2. You’re making excuses for other people

Usually, when someone takes advantage of your kindness, you won’t admit it. You will make excuses for them. You will find a way to justify their behavior and thus you will justify yours.

Stop giving them new chances so they can continue taking advantage of you.

3. You’re holding back your feelings

You have to let out your feelings otherwise you will explode. You’re so afraid you might hurt someone by telling them how you feel, so you repress those emotions and you bottle them up.

The only thing that can happen if you continue doing this is—you’re going to harm yourself.


4. You don’t know how to say ‘NO’

Whether during a night out or in the middle of the day on the street, if someone approaches you and starts hitting on you, you won’t say ‘no’—even if you’re completely uninterested.

You’ll try to figure out a nice, polite way to blow him off, but at the end of the day, he will be going home with your phone number. HOW?!

5. You’re taking the blame

You have no problems with taking the responsibility for the things someone else did. Either it’s taking the blame for someone else’s doings or apologizing for someone else.

You don’t even think about these things—you just do them.

6. You are a people-pleaser

You have the constant need to make people happy. At the end of the day, there is always going to be someone who will have a problem with you and you won’t make them happy. You simply can’t make everyone happy.

Deal with it!

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7. You think everyone is as nice as you

Just because you radiate with kindness, doesn’t mean other people do, too. On the contrary, there are very mean and nasty people out there—the ones who don’t hide it and the ones who hide it perfectly.

Stop living in denial and open your eyes to see the truth.

8. You’re the last one on your list

The biggest problem you have is that you’re putting other people’s need before your own. You can’t fix everything. You are human, as we all are.

Don’t sacrifice your life to improve someone else’s—ALL THE TIME.