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15 Seemingly Little Things That Mean The World to Women

15 Seemingly Little Things That Mean The World to Women

A good boyfriend or husband knows that the key to making his girl happy is in doing little things that mean the world to her.

Of course, grand romantic gestures are great, but we LOVE those small gestures that prove to us we’re loved every single day.

Here are some of those little things you would never guess mean so much to us:

Pay attention to details

Every girl just loves it when you pay attention to some details she tells you, like the nickname of that silly aunt who always smells like an ashtray, or her mom’s birthday. It means that you listen to us carefully.

Be tidy

Girls really appreciate when guys clean up after themselves. We don’t want to be with someone whose behavior tells us his mom didn’t teach him some basics of adulthood.

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Never pressure her

Unless you want her to run away from you. Girls respect guys who respect them. It’s simple—don’t.

Watch HER favorite TV show

OK, I get it that you’re not interested in the Gossip Girl, but watching something she likes to watch gives her an impression that you’re interested in understanding things she likes. Plus, she will let you choose the next movie you want to see.

Tell her honestly about your feelings

Please, save us from our deadly overthinking. Remember that we can’t read minds. Tell us how you feel. Opening up to us will make us feel special.

Prepare some food

It means us so much when you prepare food just for us. It tells us you enjoy taking care of us. And let me tell you one secret—the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.

Surprise her with small things

J.Lo once sang, “Love don’t cost a thing”, and it’s really true. Girls don’t need expensive bracelets. They will fall in love with you every time you get her coffee to work or go buy tampons for her when she’s dying in bed because of her period. Romance doesn’t have to be mainstream.

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Go shopping with her

I know it may sound like a horror movie scenario, but going shopping as a couple can actually be fun. It doesn’t have to be buying new clothes—you can go grocery shopping or even window shopping.

Take her out on a date

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just don’t get too laid-back. Make plans and try to organize some nice date for your lady to remind her she’s the only girl in the world.

Massage her after a rough day

It costs nothing, but you will make her feel like a princess.

Maybe we don’t want to admit it, but we love it when you “spoil” us with massages, back rubs, or when you run your fingers through our hair just like that. Show her she’s your queen.

Invite her to see your favorite team’s game

Maybe she doesn’t like sports, but she will be happy to see something that you’re so excited about.

It’s important for a couple to include each other in things they like. So, get her a jersey and bring your hot lady to see the game with you!

Random hugs and touches

Hug her just like that. Kiss her hand. You don’t need a special reason for that, do you?

Give her compliments unrelated to looks

Tell her she did a really good job when she perfectly parked her car. Thank her for great advice she gives.

Praise the food she makes for you. This is something we recognize as your support and it’s really important to us. We don’t want to be pretty faces only.

Meet her with your bros

If a girl is dating you for some time, she should know your friends. So, make sure you introduce her to them.

This doesn’t mean that she needs to hang around with you all the time, of course. This means you are comfortable with showing your friends and the world what kind of girl you’re dating with.

Call her instead of texting her

Nowadays, people mostly text each other. It’s nice to call your girl and tell her you just want to hear her voice. Again, you really don’t need a special reason for that!