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Stop Fighting For A Man Who Gave Up On You A Long Time Ago

Stop Fighting For A Man Who Gave Up On You A Long Time Ago

You’re constantly checking your phone in the hope that he will call, even though you know he won’t.

You’re constantly wondering what he’s doing, even though you know he doesn’t give a damn about what you’re doing.

You’re constantly fighting to preserve what’s left of your love, even though you know that he gave up fighting a long time ago.

Don’t do that. Stop fighting for those who don’t bother fighting for you! Stop fighting for those who are okay with losing you!

I know it’s not that easy to forget all of the beautiful moments you had together, holding each other’s hands before falling asleep, kissing passionately, laughing until your stomach started to really hurt, taking care of each other… but all these moments are not enough for you to keep fighting.

Stop fighting for your past moments, open your eyes and see the truth.

Ask yourself if he’s that same man who used to hold your hand when you felt sad.

Is he that same man who used to hold you in his arms, reassuring you that he’d never give up on fighting for your love?

If not, do not bother fighting for him because you’re not fighting for him—you’re fighting for the memory of him.

Do not bother reliving old moments of happiness because you should be living in the present!

Stop focusing on the happiness of those who don’t care about yours. Stop letting them know that you’ll always be there no matter what. Stop making them your priority when all this time they have treated you like an option!

You are not the one who is responsible for their happiness. You should never fight for someone who doesn’t know how to reciprocate.

Stop fighting for mediocre love when you should be enjoying the kind that inspires you and fills your heart with joy instead of pain.

Stop torturing yourself with what ifs and thinking that if you kept being good to him and if you kept being persistent to save what was left of your love, he might have changed his mind and started reciprocating.

No, he wouldn’t have and you know it!

The moment he decided to not give a damn about your feelings and desires, he deliberately decided to stop fighting for you.

And why would you fight for him? Why would you keep making excuses for his behavior when you know he’s doing it on purpose?

Stop fighting for a man who doesn’t know how to love. Stop fighting for a man who was never yours and who never will be!

Do you want to stay forever in limbo of unrequited love, neglected wishes and selfishness?

Do you want to fight forever for something you’ll never have? Of course you don’t!

You don’t want to and you definitely shouldn’t because life is too short to waste your time waiting for those who are not willing to make an effort to change.

Life is too short to waste your time constantly thinking about your past and fearing the future.

Stop torturing yourself and your heart with toxic love and focus on what makes YOU happy.

Do you want a strong, beautiful love that is reciprocal? Then don’t fight for a weak one.

Do you want someone who will always be there for you and never make you doubt their intentions?

Then don’t fight for the one who is never here.

‘You reap what you sow’. If you invest all of yourself in a man who is not ready to do the same for you, you will end up broken. If you keep fighting for a man who is making you feel unworthy, sad, and disappointed, you will never find your inner peace or happiness.

But if you forgive yourself for every tear, for every second of feeling lonely, for your pain and decide to stop fighting for a man who was doing all of this to you, you will start making changes!

Once you decide to start fighting for your smile, joy and a heart full of pure love, you will find your happiness.

I’m not saying it will be easy. It won’t but you will make it.

You will make it because it takes a strong woman to decide to keep fighting for a man who is destroying her inside out.

You will make it because it takes a brave heart to keep loving a man who was not ready to do the same. You will make it because you’re a fighter.