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The Woman You’re Becoming Will Cost You A Lot But Choose Her Anyway

The Woman You’re Becoming Will Cost You A Lot But Choose Her Anyway

You are getting stronger by the day. You are more independent and self-sufficient than you have ever been.

You know who you are and what you deserve and you won’t take shit from anybody. Don’t let that frighten you.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you are doing something wrong. Self-love is not selfish, it’s necessary. Embrace the change you are experiencing. Love the fierce woman you are becoming.

You are constantly learning. Life is making you learn, even when you don’t want to. Some lessons will be hard to handle, some will go smoothly. Unfortunately, we get more from the tough ones.

Your mistakes and right choices, your falls and your highs, your pain and your happiness have shaped you into the woman you are today.

You are becoming a woman who won’t settle for anything half-assed.

You learned that half-love, almost relationships, and fake friendships are nothing more than a waste of your time. You don’t give endless chances to people anymore because you know they will end up disappointing you.

You want people in your life who are all in. You want a boyfriend, not an almost boyfriend. You want friendships that are true and genuine, not the ones that are created out of convenience.

You are becoming a woman who won’t stay silent when something is bothering her.

Your eyes are sore from looking through your fingers. You looked past so many things that demanded you to react. Your lips are moving non-stop now because they were sealed in those moments when they felt an incredible need to speak.

You thought that you were doing good for your relationships and friendships by keeping quiet about the things that bothered you or hurt you.

Instead, they just kept bottling up inside of you, until you snapped. You know now that the best thing to do is speak up and let it all out.

You are becoming a woman who knows what she will and will not tolerate.

You are slowly creating your own standards. You won’t allow anyone to treat you poorly. You know your limits now. You know how many times you spent nights crying because somebody hurt you.

You are tired of forgiving without hearing the actual words. You are tired of seeing the best in people who give you their worst. That’s why you are slowly learning how to put a stop to all of that.

You are becoming a woman who doesn’t chase anybody.

The ones who want to stay in your life will make an effort. They will invest in your relationship. They will make the time. They will send that text. They will call. They will go the extra mile to be in your life. They will not make excuses or serve you lies.

You are becoming a woman who uses,  “NO!” as her most powerful tool.

You can’t even count how many times you have done something that you didn’t really want to do just to make somebody else happy. You can’t even count how many times you have put somebody else’s needs in front of your own.

They have never appreciated it—moreover, they took it for granted. That’s why “No” became your favorite word.  You won’t let anybody push you around.

You are becoming a woman who wants the same things she is giving.

In the past, you were always the one who loved, gave and did more for the people she loved. Now that is all behind you.

You are demanding equality and reciprocity. You know you are worthy of love, respect, time, attention, affections and all the other things you are willing to give back. You know you will never be happy if you are in something one-sided, so you are not signing up for that.

You are becoming a woman who loves herself more every day.

The love you have for yourself is growing more and more each day. Toxic people in your life filled you with self-doubt.

They seriously damaged your self-image and your confidence. You are starting to see now that they were only transferring their own insecurities onto you and it never had anything to do with you.

You learned the hard way that you have to wholeheartedly love yourself and treat yourself right so others could learn from your example.

Choose the woman you are becoming. It will cost you a lot. It will cost you people in your life. But the right ones will stay. They will welcome this new woman you are becoming. They will be glad you shook all that weight from your shoulders. You will have more quality in every aspect of your life.

Don’t give up on the woman you are becoming even though it will get tough at times.

You will stray to your old ways but just make sure you find your way back. You are on your way to creating a life you will be proud of. You are in the process of reinventing yourself and making yourself happy. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from doing that.