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Stop Waiting For Him – His Indecision Is a Decision

Stop Waiting For Him – His Indecision Is a Decision

And the story goes like this…

You are the one that wants a serious relationship but he is very suspicious about that.

You never know what he really means and his body language is so confusing.

You are not sure what the two of you can build together and while you are bothering your pretty, little head about your relationship, he is totally relaxed.

You are ready, but he isn’t bothered to take a step forward. You want more and he’s stuck… unsure… indecisive…

Cut the crap—his indecision is a decision.

If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you.

I know we’d all love to receive the love we’re giving, but if he is making a fool of you, it is time to say goodbye.

You need to check whether there are any red flags telling you that he is just having fun. I know you can’t think wisely when being in love but give it a shot.

It will make a huge impact on your relationship.

Check his actions. Does he resolve problems as soon as they appear? Or he is leaving that huge job for you to handle?

Don’t let him lead you on. Be smart and use your common sense.

You don’t deserve that kind of treatment. You don’t need a man who’s unsure of you.

You are unique and worthy and don’t let anyone convince you of the opposite.

Guys will come and go. But you are the one who needs to respect herself.

Because, darling, if you don’t do that, nobody else will. So, stand up for yourself.

Burn the bridges between you and him. Stop caring about people who don’t care about you. And stop waiting for those who’ll probably never be ready for you.

He will feel sorry about everything. He will feel bad because he was taking you for granted. Trust me, eventually, karma will knock at his door.

He will feel bad because he didn’t show up for your meeting. He will be sorry for letting you down. He will regret not choosing you.

Because you gave him so many chances and you are worn out now.

There isn’t that old sparkle between the two of you anymore. Your day is all about fighting and competing.

And you’re the only one now holding the last string together.

That’s not what a real relationship should look like. God, you deserve so much more.

I am sure you figured this out and that you will give yourself another chance…

With someone who is worthy and doesn’t take you for granted.

With a loving and caring guy.

With someone who will love you just the way you are, someone who’ll make choosing you look as easy as breathing.

He doesn’t need to be perfect but he has to be perfect for YOU.

Because that’s what counts most in the end.

And Mr. Wrong? Buy him a one-way ticket to ‘gone’ and say goodbye forever!