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25 Things Most Guys Will Judge You On Immediately (But Will Never Admit It)

25 Things Most Guys Will Judge You On Immediately (But Will Never Admit It)

When you first meet a new person, the first impression is everything. You probably have no clue about how many things a new guy in your life notices about you when he first meets you.

Therefore, here are 25 things most guys will actually judge you on but will never admit to doing so.

1. Your hair

You may assume that most guys simply don’t notice your hair but let me tell you that you are partially wrong. No, a guy probably won’t notice if you’ve changed your hair color or if you have cut it a little bit but trust me, he’ll judge you by your hair.

Every man will at least notice if it is clean and if you have put any effort into doing something with it.

2. Your make-up

When they go out on a special date, most girls will try to put their make-up on the best way they can. But what you might not know is that less is always more, especially when it comes to make-up.

Most guys prefer a natural style, so you should never go out of your way, thinking that your make-up skills will impress any man.

3. Your appearance in general

I know many men will tell you that your personality is most important to them but that is just bullshit. Of course, every guy will fall for your personality in the long run but when it comes to the first impression, everything is about the looks.

It means that a man simply has to find you attractive at first glance, so that he would want to try anything with you.

4. The way you talk

One of the things guys will judge you on immediately is the way you talk. Do you interrupt him? Are you interested in what he has to say? Are you being too loud or too quiet?

These are all the things most guys take into consideration, usually not being aware of it.

5. The way you are dressed

So, most guys probably won’t notice the brand of your clothing or something like that but they will definitely notice if you are over- or underdressed for an occasion.

I know you want to leave a good impression but that definitely doesn’t mean you need to show him everything you’ve got to offer on the first date because that will only be counterproductive.

6. How you act in a restaurant

Another thing many guys will judge you on is the way you act in a restaurant, especially to the serving staff. It is a huge turn-off if you are rude to the people serving you or if you think that you are above the staff.

7. If you are late

We all live busy lives and we all need to have enough respect for our time and other people’s time. It means that being late is definitely one of the things you shouldn’t do on the first date, or on any other.

You may think that it will make you more interesting but trust me—it will only make you look disrespectful.

8. If you look at your phone

If you spend the entire date staring at your phone, the truth is that you will chase most guys away.

It is one thing if you need to pick up an urgent phone call but it is something completely the opposite if you spend the entire night texting or posting status updates or photos of your food on social media.

9. Your social network

Your social network profiles is another thing which most guys will judge you on, especially if the two of you are going out on a blind date. Before any guy goes out with you, it is probable that he will lurk through your profiles.

He’ll try to make a conclusion about if you are obsessed with social media or if you are seeking too much attention.

10. Your vocabulary

Let’s face it—we all swear sometimes and we all use inappropriate words from time to time. But if you don’t want to chase a guy away immediately, it is a good idea to be careful about your vocabulary, especially on the first date, because you don’t want to appear as rude.

11. Your manners

I know, we live in modern times and everybody behaves as they want but trust me, most guys will notice your manners and judge you on them. It doesn’t mean you have to be stiff all the time but you certainly have to have some basic manners if you want to attract a real man.

12. How much you drink

Nobody tells you not to drink alcohol when you are on a date. You are probably nervous and one shot might help you with that. But if you get too drunk, it will definitely leave a bad impression on your date. It means you can’t control yourself and nobody likes that.

13. Your shoes

One of the most common misconceptions about men is that they don’t notice women’s shoes. But if you wear high heels in which you can’t walk properly, let alone dance or something else and if your date needs to give you a hand just to get to the restaurant, he definitely won’t be impressed by your shoes.

14. Your sense of humor

Another thing guys will judge you on is your sense of humor. It doesn’t have to mean that you and he need to laugh at the same things but he will fall for you harder if you are relaxed enough so the two of you can enjoy your date.

15. Your taste in music

One of the most shallow things many men will judge you on is your taste in music. This one doesn’t have any logical explanation but the fact is that we all prefer to have someone by our side who enjoys the same music as we do.

16. Your attitudes

You may think a guy will like you more if you agree with everything he says but trust me—you couldn’t be more wrong. Every man notices when you are being fake and when you are just nodding your head to everything he tells you because you think that it’s a way to get under his skin.

Yes, every person around you will judge you on your attitudes and opinions but they will definitely appreciate you more if you have your own.

17. If you offer to pay

It is one of the unwritten dating rules that a guy pays on the first date. But most of them will highly appreciate it if you at least offer to pay or to split the bill. They won’t let you do so but you reaching out for the bill means a lot.

18. Your voice

One of the things most guys judge you on without even being aware of it is the tone of your voice. Yes, a high-pitched voice is one of the female traits men find hot but they will also notice if you pretend to talk in a way you normally don’t talk, if you raise your voice on purpose or if you baby-talk and that can be a big turn-off.

19. Your education

The truth is that many guys will judge you on your education, although they will probably never admit it. It doesn’t mean you are less worthy just because you don’t have a fancy degree but you have to have some general knowledge about the world around you if you want to choose the right guy.

20. Your hobbies

So this guy likes you physically and now it’s time for you two to see if you are compatible in other things. That means that he will judge you on your hobbies and the way you spend your free time.

Yes, we all like to lie in our bed and watch trashy TV shows from time to time but it’s nice if you have something besides this that you are interested in.

21. Your communication skills

You can be as pretty as anything but the fact is that your communication skills is one of the first things men notice about you, after your physical appearance. That means that most guys will judge you based on the way the conversation between the two of you is going.

22. Your taste in sports

A hot girl with a great personality and who likes sports is every guy’s dream. But that doesn’t mean you should pretend to like the same team or the same sport this guy is into just for him to like you more because he will definitely see through you and you’ll appear as shallow.

23. Your exes

When you meet a new guy, he will probably tell you that he doesn’t care about your past or your exes. But trust me—he is lying. Although things shouldn’t be like this, the truth is that most guys will judge you based on your exes and your dating history as that will help them form an opinion about you.

24. Your sexual preferences

Respecting each other’s boundaries is always mandatory but every guy prefers a girl who knows how to say what it is that she wants or doesn’t want when it comes to sex. And of course, everybody likes to be with a person they get along with in bed.

25. Your scent

This is another thing most guys are not aware of but your body scent and the smell of your perfume is something that can either win a guy over or not and it is definitely something that helps them determine whether to approach you or not.