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Aries Tattoo: 40+ Ideas And Designs For Aries Women

Aries Tattoo: 40+ Ideas And Designs For Aries Women

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and this sign is known as the natural leader of them all. Aries is a fire sign and thanks to its ruling planet Mars, it is the most active astrological sign. 

Aries women are passionate about life, go-getters and spirited adventurers and because of their personality, getting an Aries tattoo may be a good idea for them.

If you are an Aries woman and you are looking for interesting and unique ideas for your zodiac symbol tattoo, then stay with us as we have made a list of unique Aries zodiac sign tattoos for women.

1. Aries ram tattoo

Via Pinterest, @Tattoodesign



Full chest pieces aren’t just for men, so it’s wonderful to see women also getting these tattoos and breaking those boundaries. This Aries ram tattoo design is bound to look amazing.

2. Aries tattoo of a ram’s head

Via Tatt Might

This may be the best tattoo for those who are embarking on a new phase in their life. Aries are known for their new beginnings so this is a perfect way for you to show your ambitions and desire for change.

3. Aries horoscope constellation tattoo


Tattoos with stars are always cute and lovely and the white ink on this gives them an extraordinary look. This Aries tattoo design will definitely not go unnoticed.

4. Aries constellation ram tattoo

Via – Sasha Tattooing

This tattoo looks extremely fashionable and it’ll attract everyone’s attention. Constellation Aries tattoos are a favorite of many celebrities born under this fire sign.

5. Cute little Aries constellation made with blossoms

Via Facebook – Northern Point Tattoos

If you want a sweet and simple tattoo, then this design is made for you. This flower design is elegant and it’ll make your Aries zodiac tattoo look nothing other than amazing.

6. Aries symbol tattoo design with butterfly

Via Pinterest @lynndeleff

You don’t have to get a huge tattoo to make an impact; smaller tattoos can make a statement also.

This Aries symbol tattoo is for anyone who would like to have a small and discreet tattoo. Small tattoos often have a cute design and they can have a powerful meaning.

7. Cute, tiny, simple symbol of Aries

Via Pinterest @tattooness

This cute small tattoo can rightly be considered a unique accessory. It’s subtle and symbolic, just like a woman’s tattoo should be. 

8. The symbol of Aries in a wreath


This simple symbol tattoo is one of the most popular horoscope tattoos among women, especially if there is another detail added to it. 

9. A tiny Aries tattoo behind the ear

Via Pinterest

Again, here’s a simple Aries tattoo design. If you like subtlety, then you are sure to love this tattoo, which  is small and can be easily hidden.

10. A wonderful Aries wrist tattoo


This beautiful tattoo design will make you want to stop wearing long sleeves. It is very fashionable, especially if you add a personalized touch, like your date of birth or that of your significant other. 

11. Aries zodiac word wrist tattoo


This one-word tattoo is one of the timeless tattoo trends. Of course, this will be a fairly small and simple tattoo because your wrist isn’t a huge canvas.

12. Stylized Aries constellation wrist tattoo


This constellation tattoo design looks extremely fashionable and the possible variations are endless. Add a personalized touch to it and it’ll be the perfect tattoo.

13. Aries symbol tattoo on the upper back


This is one of the best body parts for a tattoo and it’s great for a woman, especially if she wears backless dresses.

14. Gray ink Aries back tattoo


This unique ram head tattoo looks even better with the gray ink and is a great form of artistic expression.

15. Aries with wings tattoo on the upper back


Getting this tattoo is a meaningful way to express your love of freedom and movement. It really expresses the spirit of an Aries woman.

16. Flowering tree Aries tattoo

Via – Nisha Patel

Trees have long been the symbol of life in many folklore cultures and in fiction and they can help people understand the true meaning of life.

If you are an Aries woman who is captivated by the beauty of trees then this is a great choice for you. 

17. Dahlia theme Aries upper back tattoo

Via Flickr

One of the most famous Aries tattoo designs for women is this one with a flower theme and these dahlias make this design one of a kind. 

18. Aries ram skull tattoo on a finger


Of all of the animal skull tattoos, the ram skull might be the most popular. It is one of the best Aries tattoos for women because it’s there to represent power with its fearlessness and it’s in the right place, in the right size.

19. Aries constellation tattoo on a finger

Via Tumblr

If you love all of the stars, the moon and the universe, get one of these constellation tattoos. This tattoo on a finger is simple, powerful and discreet.

20. Abstract Aries tattoo on a finger

Via Pinterest @R O $ I E G.

This kind of tattoo, made up of lines and geometric shapes, has no specific meaning except to the person who has it and mostly , they represent hidden messages or even other humans.

If you want one, try to think of a message it’ll convey and turn to this abstract body art if you want to step out of the norm. 

21. Aries sign tattoo on the neck

Via Pinterest @EvaMorticia

Most girls love to have a small tattoo in the neck area. This simple Aries sign neck tattoo looks so cool, attractive and stunning.

22. Aries text on the neck

Via Pinterest @TirzahGriffith

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ but sometimes a word can be worth a thousand pictures as well. Pick the best font and get this simple but gorgeous neck tattoo.

23. The Luna goddess Aries arm tattoo

Via Instagram @taylyratattoo

In Greek and Roman religion, Luna is the personification of the moon as a goddess and this tattoo is an elegant and charming design.

24. Aries zodiac constellation flower tattoo

Via Instagram

The floral trend never goes out of fashion and this tattoo’s eye-catching appearance lures many women into getting one.

25. Aries skull arm tattoo


A lot of people immediately associate skull tattoos with negativity because they symbolize death but it means that the person wearing it has accepted their mortality and the temporary status of everything in this world.  

26. Aries constellation on shoulder

Via Instagram @vickymoares

This delicate and feminine tattoo inspired by the Aries astrological symbol will look great and stunning for every woman.

27. Flower ram skull chest tattoo

Via Pinterest @jeddih

This is a very modern and cool way to express your personality and decorate your body.

28. Gray ink Aries ram skull chest tattoo


If you want to be original and get a unique Aries tattoo, then this is the best kind of idea for you. 

29. Ram skull back tattoo

Via Pinterest

These geometric shapes around the ram skull will give you a unique tattoo design.

30. Aries animal skull tattoo


This ram skull tattoo design on the thigh looks amazing. Girls really must consider this design. Wear a skirt or a dress and amaze your friends with this unique tattoo.

31. Creative ram skull tattoo


The ram is a symbol of power, drive, energy and fearlessness and that’s why this ram skull tattoo not only looks great but evokes an array of feelings associated with it.

32. Aries girl tattoo on an arm

Via Instagram

This upper-arm tattoo is a great design of bold body art, so don’t be afraid to think big and choose this one!

33. Aries arm tattoo with stunning colors

Via Instagram @lucille_roots

There’s nothing more eye-catching and vibrant than an arm full of color and this Aries arm tattoo will amaze all of your friends!

34. Aries zodiac symbol with a crescent moon ankle tattoo

Via Instagram @dimitar_dn_tattoo

Since this symbol is fairly small, it’s an ideal design to put on the ankle area.

This is a perfect tattoo choice for anyone who believes in the influence of the celestial body of the moon or appreciates the vast night sky. Aries and the moon, there is no better combination. 

35. Feminine Aries ankle tattoo


Aries women are quite independent, positive and are often very generous and kind so why not show off your zodiac sign with this ankle tattoo.

36. Small floral ankle tattoo with the Aries constellation


This flower constellation is a great choice for every gentle Aries woman. One of the sexiest accessories any girl can have is a tattoo like this. 

37. Aries tribal tattoo


Tribal tattoos remain among the most popular tattoo choices for people nowadays and this tattoo combines an original tribal style with modern features.

38. Lower back Aries tattoo

Via Pinterest @mzprettii

This tattoo design is very sexy and also it draws attention to a woman’s behind. 

39. Flaming Aries symbol tattoo on the lower back


Fire is a symbol of power, energy, passion and sensuality. If you want to look bold and strong, get this flame tattoo inked on your body.

40. Tribal Aries tattoo on the lower back


This tattoo design will make you look like a true warrior. 

41. Aries watercolor tattoo idea


This is one dreamy and colorful design. The artwork effect is gorgeous and results in a truly unique tattoo. 

An Aries woman is a standout who wants to make a statement and this can be easily achieved by getting a tattoo that will show off their personality.

They like challenges and this’ll be a challenge that an Aries woman will gladly take on. 

Picking the right design can be hard but we’ve shown you some of the best Aries tattoos for women.

Of course, you can always personalize yours with a name or a date that means something to you, as that’s how you can add a special meaning to one of these creative designs. 

An Aries tattoo will help you to amaze your friends and you’ll show the world the brave and wild sides of your zodiac sign.