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100 Best Tinder Bios To Make Everyone Swipe Right

100 Best Tinder Bios To Make Everyone Swipe Right

Writing the best Tinder bios is not as easy as it appears. Basically, you want to show Tinder users what kind of person you are and you’ve got only one chance to present yourself in the best light possible. 

The same goes with other dating sites and dating apps besides Tinder, such as Bumble. The other person needs to be attracted and intrigued by you in the matter of seconds if you expect them to make a move. 

Basically, it’s your job to pique their interest. So, how exactly can you do it?

Well, when someone visits your profile for the first time, the things which will help them decide between swiping left and right are without doubt your photo and bio.

Therefore, if you have a good Tinder bio, half of your job is done.

That’s why we’re here: to give you an ultimate list of the best Tinder bios that’s sure to make everyone swipe right

100 Tinder Bio Examples

Funny Tinder Bios For Both Women And Men

1. Can someone tell me how to lower the difficulty settings on Tinder?

2. Let’s just go out on a first date and talk about something random.

3. I see music and hear colors. I am fearless and passionate. I’m one with the universe.

4. I’m actually here because my family and friends think it’s weird I keep on showing up to family events, dinners, baby showers and weddings alone. So, do you want to be my plus one?

5. Lol, I won’t kill you – I can promise you that much.

6. Swipe right if you hate cold cereals or if you want to argue with me about it.

7. I floss. That’s how responsible I am.

8. I don’t want a partner in crime. I commit all my crimes on my own. I would never drag you into that.

9. Eh, I’ll do this part when I think of something clever.

10. Let’s match, chat and date!

11. I put the “fun” in functioning alcoholic.

12. I always keep a loaded gun on my nightstand in the event of an intruder, so I can shoot myself to avoid meeting new people.

13. Yes, this is a new Tinder profile. The best idea I had in my life.

14. Even I’d date me.

15. Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?

16. Do you believe in love at first sight – or should you swipe right again?

17. Last time I was someone’s type, I was donating blood.

18. Not here for a long time, just for a good time.

19. Swipe right if you want to find love in this hopeless place.

20. I like to party. And by party I mean take naps.

21. “By far my favorite grandchild.” – My Grandma

22. Mentally ill and ready to thrill.

23. Music of the 80s brings me back to the good, old times. Like the ones I wasn’t alive.

24. Just say Hi. Unless you’re my ex. In that case: Screw you, it’s never happening.

25. I promise: You’ll be glad that you swiped right.

26. Swipe right and I’ll promise that I’ll fight by any memes possible.

27. I’m on Tinder for friends like I’m on porn hub to see if the plumber actually fixes the sink.

28. You want a tough project? Look no further.

29. Let’s go for a nice walk and see inside each other’s minds.

30. I’m here to catch Pokemon, not feelings.

31. I’d tell you a lengthy description about myself but that would take away from the mystery.

32. Swipe right and start your free 30 day trial with me today.

33. Basically, I want someone I can share my entire life with who will leave me alone most of the time.

34. Am I a good person? No. But do I try and better myself everyday? Still no.

35. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for a relationship, I can’t tell you I don’t have any. But what I do have is a particular set of skills. A set of skills I have acquired over a very long sexual career. Skills that make me a dream for people like you. If you swipe left now, it will be the end of it. But if you swipe right, I will match with you. I will chat with you, I will flirt with you and finally, I will sleep with you.

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Best Tinder Bios For Guys

36. I’m in the city for business, but feel free to provide the pleasure – I’m open for hookups.

37. A simple guy with some extraordinary dreams… trying to live my life to the fullest.

38. I love long walks on the beach with my girlfriend, until the LSD wears off and I realize I’m dragging a stolen mannequin around a parking lot.

39. I got a B+ in Human Sexuality in college, so let’s just say I know my way around a *checks poorly scribbled notes* cliboris.

40. My perfect date night: I pick you up in my car. You get in. There are candles in the car. You ask me if this is dangerous. I tell you that it is, but that I love danger. Then we proceed to go to your favorite restaurant. We have a great meal and a couple of drinks. When we go outside, you tell me that my car is on fire and ask me whether I’m upset. I pull out a bag of marshmallows and tell you that I knew this was going to happen and that I don’t mind. Then we kiss, right there, in front of my burning car.

41. The first bite of a raw carrot makes me hiccup 99% of the time, but I keep on eating it anyway. So, that should tell you enough about my perseverance.

42. I’m looking for the Juliet to my Romeo. Not the romance, just the suicide part.

43. Some people give off the “don’t screw with me” vibe. Mine is more “you can spill a soup in my lap and I’ll probably end up apologizing to you.”

44. If we match, I already told my mom about us.

45. In the event of a zombie apocalypse… I’d immediately steal the Egyptian presidential yacht. Load it up with tater tots and Missy Elliot records. Take it out to the middle of the Pacific and get my tan on. Life’s short anyway, I want to go out in style.

46. Save a horse. Come and ride the cowboy.

47.It would be a plus if you could fit into my mum’s sweater and fill in the void she left behind.

48. I’m the kinda guy you can take home to meet your mom. She’ll think I’m super funny, and charming… and cute, but actually kind of sexy at the same time. She falls in love with me. I… think I feel the same way. We get married. I’m your dad now. I confront you, “Young lady, why are you on Tinder?” You’re now grounded.

49. Dating me ensures you’ll always be the better-looking one.

50. For the love of God, someone please date me, so I can stop bringing my mom to parties as my plus one.

51. I’m not into taking things slowly.

52. I hope you like alpha males because I’m your guy. That’s right, I’m the whole package. I’ll defend your honor in public, won’t take shit from waiters, and I’ll even get you pregnant, leave, and then come back to eat the child. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a real life nerd, I’m not the one.

53. I dislike women who are not shallow.

54. I was kicked off of Tinder twice: once for making a penis-shaped Christmas cookie as my Tinder profile selfie, the second because my bio was “There’s always money in the banana stand” and someone mistook that for me being an escort. But like a phoenix I have risen from the ashes unscathed. Round 3, let’s do this.

55. I’m 6 foot 4 inches. Those are two measurements.

56. Like my shirt? It’s made of boyfriend material.

57. I have a job, a car, and I won’t send you any dick pics.

58. Sorry ladies, I don’t have the dad bod you want, but I do have the dad jokes you don’t want.

59. There are some things you should know about me. First of all, if we happen to go out, you’re paying. Not just for yourself but also for me. And for my wife, if she shows up out of nowhere. Keep in mind that she is a heavy drinker. After that, sex is not guaranteed. If I’m interested, I’ll put my underpants on the table. Take them home, fold them, wash them, and we will consummate passionately.

60. My girlfriend said she wanted to break up with me because I had no sense of direction. So I packed my things and went right.

61. Are you looking to hookup with a real life bad boy? Then you’re in luck, I’m bad at everything.

62. Runner-up for Time’s “Sexiest IT Man Alive.” Once rescued a fireman and a puppy from a burning building. And after mastering French, I became an international super spy. Right now, I’m sailing across the Pacific, stealing top-secret information, and sipping Moscow Mules… shaken, not stirred. Okay, okay. Perhaps I exaggerated *just* a tad. But I can fix your laptop, and puppies love me. Message me for more straight talk, and I’ll send you FB links, delicious cocktail recipes, and MUCH more.

63. Pizza is my spirit animal. Buy me whiskey or go away. Swipe left if you take life too seriously, thanks.

64. Two reasons to date me: 1. Because you’d be the good looking one 2. Please.

65. I’m 6’3” and will put you on my shoulders at concerts and in swimming pools. 

Best Tinder Bios For Girls

66. Adventurer, dreamer, lover, warrior, artist, scholar.

67. I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.

68. Ask me out, don’t chat me up.

69. Badass with a heart of gold.

70. All men are pigs. But I’m in a mood for some bacon.

71. Went to a party dressed as an egg, and got with a guy who was dressed as a chicken. A life long question was answered that night. It was the chicken…

72. Swipe right if you want to become my first ex husband.

73. I won’t sleep with you the first time I see you. Bye.

74. I like my men like I like my coffee, ground up and in the freezer.

75. My ex has me in his phone as “psycho bitch.” Wanna go out?

76. Pretty girls don’t need good Tinder biostheir profile pictures say enough.

77. Let’s be honest. I’m on Tinder and my profile picture is of me in a bikini. I’m not looking for a relationship or a friend.

78. On the topic of nude pics: I just want to remind everyone of a little movie called TITANIC. A girl in 1912 has her naked body drawn in a sketchbook by a random dude that no one’s ever heard of, locks the drawing in a safe on a boat, the BOAT SINKS, and her nude pictures STILL ends up on television 84 years later. No one is safe.

79. I have a boyfriend. I’m just always looking for an upgrade.

80. Your penis and/or how u like to use it is not a conversation starter or at least not one I would like to have. I’m sure it’s just a penis.

81. I have simple taste. I’m always satisfied with the best.

82. Stop staring at me, woman. – Every dog ever.

83. The only reason I want a boyfriend is so that when I’m singing Fergalicious and it’s at the part where she says “I be up in the gym just working on my fitness, he’s my witness” I can point to him and he’ll do the little “wooOOH” part. Because right now I have to do both parts myself and it’s stressful because right after the “wooOOH” part I have to get right back into rapping and the transition is harder than you think. So yeah, I need a bf because of that.

84. A warrior, not a worrier.

85. Don’t swipe right. I’m actually here to catch my lying boyfriend. Hey honey, if you’re seeing this, we’re over and you’re caught. And you know that girl you keep seeing every Sunday, when you tell me you’re going to play football with the guys? Well, she told me everything. We’re best friends now. Goodbye, loser.

86. I care less about fitting into a glass slipper and more about breaking a glass ceiling.

87. Swipe left under 5’8″. Swipe right if you want to send me hate mail for having a height requirement.

88. Nice to meet you. I’m your future ex-girlfriend.

89. Chunky, but spunky.

90. I’m just a girl, asking a boy to love her.

91. On our first date, I’ll carve our names in a tree. It’s not because I’m cheesy. It’s simply the most romantic way to let you know I have knives.

92. Looking for a badass. Already have a good ass.

93. I am the human equivalent of a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire.

94. Any nice guys out there?

95. I’m a good girl but I can become bad if you want me to.

96. I am very nice and pray that you aren’t crazy.

97. Hey, you look very cute. But you know what would make your face look even better? If I sat on it.

98. Every unhappy girl is unhappy in her own way. My kind of unhappy is full of self-deprecating humor and local brews.

99. In the zombie apocalypse, I’d be the first one to be bitten. Have you seen zombies? They’re glorified hipsters, and never in my life have I been able to resist a hipster.

100. I’m the kinda girl you can take home to your family. I will then get closer to them than you are and we’ll slowly phase you out.

5 Tinder Tips To Make Someone Swipe Right

Here are some profile tips for your Tinder bio to make the best Tinder profile possible: 

1. Don’t be too desperate

It doesn’t matter if you’re on this dating site in a search of a committed relationship or just a hookup. The world of online dating can’t stand desperation.

Of course, you should be open about what you want, but don’t expect to attract other Tinder users with pathetic or even romantic lines about your painful past, heartbreaks and the way you hope to find your match made in heaven.

This sounds harsh, but nobody is interested in your sad love story. Instead, show your sense of humor and make your dating profile better with a smoking hot selfie

2. Say more with less

Nobody came here to read your life story, so keep things as simple as possible, unless you want to bore all Tinder users who come around your profile.

Remember: Sometimes, less is more and it’s your job to show the art of representing yourself in just a few lines. 

The best advice is to stick to 500 characters, if you want the best Tinder bio.

3. Be careful about your spelling

This probably sounds completely irrelevant, but beware of the grammar nazis, since they’re all over us. You don’t have to use too official language, but people might reject you just because of your poor spelling. 

Don’t forget to be careful how you write and at least show some basic language knowledge. If you’re not good with words, use emojis to describe yourself – it’s also a unique and original way to stand out from the crowd. 

4. Have a catchy line

Some of the most popular profiles are at the same time the funniest Tinder profiles. The thing they have in common is a catchy line, which is sometimes even cheesy but displays the author’s great sense of humor.

The point is that each one of the funniest Tinder profiles has one thing in common: They make the other people laugh and laughter is definitely the best way into someone’s heart and pants. 

Just be careful about the jokes you’re making. Always choose self-deprecating humor over the possibility of insulting someone else. 

5. Choose your profile picture wisely

According to most research, most Tinder users (and people who are involved in online dating in general) pay the most attention to the selfies you post – especially if you’re a girl.

After all, most people on these dating sites want to see how you look before trying to find out what kind of person you are. 

Naturally, you won’t post a bad photo of yourself on your dating profile. However, don’t use too much Photoshop to the point where your potential partners won’t recognize you on the first date. 

The best option is to go with a selfie. However, it can also be fun for you to relate your Tinder bio and profile photo.

After going through this list of the best Tinder bios, find and use the one you like the most. Good luck!