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Thank You For Finally Leaving Me

Thank You For Finally Leaving Me

I don’t know how long I hated you, how long I wanted to destroy you the way you destroyed me. But I’m finally over it, I’m finally over you. So, I’m using this chance to thank you.

Thank you for being the toughest lesson I have ever learned.

Thank you for treating me the way you did. Thank you for never supporting me, for making me feel like I wasn’t enough. Because, you see, now I know my worth.

Now I know I deserve to be loved, I deserve to be held and cherished. I deserve someone who will date me for the rest of our lives, just because he wants to. I deserve someone who will see me the way I am and still love me.

Because, it took me two years with you to realize that I’m perfect the way I am. That I don’t have to change for anyone.

Thank you for not loving me. The hardest thing I ever did was beg you to love me. I tried so hard to be perfect for you, I tried so hard to be something I wasn’t, hoping maybe you would love me then.

If I try just a little bit more, maybe I’ll be enough for you. But I never was. And when you left, I no longer knew who I was anymore.

So, thank you for breaking me to pieces, because I had the chance to rebuild myself all over again. I had the chance to love every single one of those pieces and glue them back together the way I wanted.

Thank you for cheating on me. More than once. Because now I know that not being enough was never my fault.

Now I know that you never cared for me, you only cared for having someone to boost your ego. And you know the saddest part? I was ready to be your lifetime ego booster, I was ready to forgive you for cheating on me.

Now I know better. Now I know what true love looks like, I know what commitment looks like. Now I know what we had was just a one-sided relationship.

Thank you for leaving me when I needed you the most. Because now I know how to take care of myself. Now I know how to love myself the way you never knew.

Now I know that I wasn’t unlovable, it was you who was incapable of loving. So, thank you for leaving me, because it saved my life. It gave me a new chance to live.

It gave me a fresh start with a new, better and stronger me. Me who loves herself, me who doesn’t need a man to feel loved.

Thank you for leaving me, because I can finally look back and see how much I’ve changed. To see that broken little girl growing into this amazing and fierce woman. A woman who is no longer ashamed for staying in a toxic relationship. A woman who is no longer blaming herself for giving everything she had to you.

Now I know it was never my fault. Now I know that you were a lesson I needed to learn in order to learn to love myself, in order to see what true love really is. And what we had was never love. It was just another story of toxic love, but this one has a happy ending. You see, you may have broken me, but I’m still standing.

I’m still breathing and my heart is beating. I’m still loving, but this time, myself.