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You Deserve More Than Casual Love, You Deserve Magic

You Deserve More Than Casual Love, You Deserve Magic

You deserve more than someone who texts you once in a blue moon.

Short effortless texts that light up your phone very rarely are not real feelings.

They don’t show interest or dedication. All they reveal is someone keeping you on the bench. 

You need a guy who texts you every day. Someone who texts you spontaneously and often because he misses you.

A person who won’t hesitate to write you love paragraphs or at least meaningful texts. 

You deserve someone who sits on a bench with you and hugs and kisses you, instead of “benching you” and stringing you along. 

You deserve more than a guy who pops into your life only when they find it convenient. 

You deserve to be taken on real dates, by someone who actually cares enough to plan ahead and come up with some date ideas. You don’t need someone who drops by unannounced whenever it suits him. 

You deserve to be with someone who can’t wait to do sweet nothings with you. Someone who turns an ordinary day into an amazing one just by being there, and being there often. 

You deserve more than a person who doesn’t know how to love. 

You deserve more than someone who avoids commitment like it’s the plague. You don’t need a guy who runs at the first signs things are getting serious. 

You deserve more than someone who warms your nights but lets you freeze during the day. 

You deserve more than a person who only wants to see you at night in the privacy of his or your apartment.

A guy who is more interested in getting between your legs than getting close to your heart and soul. 

You deserve more than someone who ignores you during the day only to sneak into your bed at night.

You deserve a man who will scream from the top of his lungs that you are his and he is yours.

You deserve to be with someone who wants to see your face in the daylight. A man who proudly takes you by the hand and introduces you to his friends and family. 

You deserve to feel wanted. You deserve a real relationship. You deserve kind and tender love. You deserve a man who will keep you safe, no matter what time of day it is. 

You deserve a romance that keeps you up at night. 

Not because you are stressed, worried, and crying, but because you can’t believe your luck. Because you can’t believe that finally, reality is better than your dreams. 

You won’t regret the lack of sleep when happiness is keeping you awake.

When you have someone who is genuine and honest. A man who keeps you warm even when he’s not around. A man who shows with actions how much he cares. 

You deserve someone who is ready. 

You deserve a person who hugs and kisses you without you having to say anything.

You deserve a guy who keeps coming back for more, who can’t help but fall crazily, entirely, committedly in love with you.  

You deserve someone who texts you good morning and sends you a ton of kisses goodnight.

You deserve someone who’s not afraid to love out loud. You deserve someone who makes love magical and not an ounce less.