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A Thank You Letter To The Friend Who Never Gave Up On Me

A Thank You Letter To The Friend Who Never Gave Up On Me

Dear bestie,

I know I am a mess. I know that at times I have no idea what am I doing with my life and that often I wander without a cause.

I’m perfectly aware that I don’t have everything figured out and sometimes that scares the hell out of me. But somehow it doesn’t scare you. Because no matter how helpless I seem, you always have faith in me.

Even when I doubt myself, you never do.

Even when I don’t see a way out of my mess, you always believe that I’ll find one and thanks to your support, I always manage to make things work pretty all right.

I know I can be heavy at times.

I know I don’t always listen and that no matter how many times you warn me about something or someone, I still don’t take your advice. But despite it, you never come at me with an, ‘I told you so’ attitude. Instead, you always offer me your shoulder to cry on and you never get tired of my drama.

Despite all the downsides of my personality, you stay and you love me just the way I am.

You look beyond my mistakes, you don’t see me through my flaws and you never rub my bad decisions in my face. Somehow you always find the good in everything and you keep finding the good in me as well.

I don’t know what I did to deserve it, and I know I don’t tell you this too often, but I am grateful in this life to have someone like you to look after me.

You never gave up on me.

Regardless of how hard I tried to push you away, regardless of how deep I’d fallen into a hole, you stayed even when everyone else would leave me. You stuck by my side and you never even thought of leaving.

You never allowed me to stay down.

You allowed me to fall because that’s life, you know, but you never allowed me to stay down. Thanks to you, I always managed to see that the strongest people aren’t those who never fall but those who manage to get up after they fall.

You helped me realize each lesson out of the things that happened to me. And each fail I had turned out to be a good thing but only because you taught me to look at things from another perspective.

You could always see through me.

No matter how loud I laughed or how happy I appeared to be, you never allowed my laugh to deceive you. Somehow you always knew when I was faking it and you never allowed me to get away with it. I remember your, ‘Cut the crap, I know you’re not okay’ attitude.

You made me realize I was going through a rough time when I convinced myself I was doing okay. And when I broke down before you, you didn’t just let me stay broken. You helped me patch my broken parts back together.

Because of you, I never felt alone.

No matter which situation I found myself in, I always knew I could count on you. You were always there for me, you never left me alone in my darkest days, you never walked away when I needed you and you never gave up on me even though I might’ve deserved it at times.

With this letter, I’d like to thank you.

I want you to know that I appreciate everything you did and you’re still doing and that you’ll do for me in the future. I know you’ll be there for me in the future too because you’ve shown me in countless situations that you’re not leaving and that you have no intentions of giving up on me.

You proved to me that I’ll never see you turning your back on me no matter how rough things get.

I wish there were more people like you on this earth.

I wish each human had the opportunity to have someone as kind and as amazing as you are in their lives. Because you are a true blessing and I have no idea what I did to deserve you, but I know I have you.

Dear bestie, thank you for holding my hand through my darkest days, thank you for making my happy days even happier and thank you for being my rock.

With love,

The girl who’d be lost without you