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7 Signs You Don’t Love Him – You Love The Idea Of Him

7 Signs You Don’t Love Him – You Love The Idea Of Him

How many times did you think you had fallen in love? How many times did your heart start beating faster because you thought that you had finally found the love of your life?

Many times, I know.

But the sad truth is that every time you felt like that, it really wasn’t real love.

You thought that you loved someone but as soon as bad things started to happen, you would realize that you didn’t love him so much.

In fact, sometimes you hated him and you couldn’t stand his behavior.

So, the question is: How can you know for sure whether you love someone or just the idea of that person?

Worry no more because I made a list of the things you will feel ONLY when you love the idea of a man but not if you love him.

You ‘love’ him because of his money

couple having a toast at restaurant

If you think you are in love with a man who is rich and successful, you will have to think again.

Would you still be with him if he didn’t have all that money or success?

Would you still be with him if he couldn’t afford all those expensive gifts, travel or fast cars for you?

No? Well, then what you feel for him is not love. In fact, it is far from love. You just love the idea of him and of what he can provide you with.

He is not the first person you will tell good news

happy woman texting

When you are in love, your loved one will be the most important person in your life.

He will be the one you will call when you hear good news and bad news as well.

But if you don’t have this kind of relationship with the guy you are dating, it means you don’t love him. You just love the idea of him.

You love to have someone you can call when you feel alone because that is the only time you think about him.

The truth is that you ‘love’ him because you need him. And nothing more than that.

You are not sure if he is the one

young woman thinking

In one moment you think he is the one, then you sit and think about what your future with him would be like and you realize he is not the man of your dreams.

You can’t say what you actually feel about him even if you think you love him.

You feel that the way you treat him depends on your mood and that you find yourself being blindly in love with him one day while you want to kill him the next.

My dear, that is not love. You are not being honest with yourself in the first place and what you have with him simply won’t last long.

You would like to mold him into the perfect person for you

man kissing woman hand on date

What does that say?

If you are not satisfied with him the way he is and you would love to mold him into someone else, that is a proven sign that you are not actually in love with him.

You just love the idea of him and that is all.

Unfortunately, that is not enough for something more so you should think twice about if he is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If you ‘love’ him just when it benefits you and if you want him to change so you could love him completely, then he is surely not the man for you.

You are with him just to avoid being alone

happy couple on coffee date

If you are with him just because you want to avoid being alone, that is not love.

If you do that, you are just showing that you are using him to make you feel safe.

Because even if he is not the perfect one for you and even if you know it, you are still with him because you don’t want to end up alone.

That means you are not with him for the right reasons but for the wrong ones.

And if you continue like this, you won’t be with him for long.

Sooner or later you will realize that it is better to be alone than in bad company and you will leave him.

You are not interested in listening to his problems

serious woman looking at man talking

When you are in love, you will listen to everything that your loved one has to say, no matter whether it is bad or good.

But if you just want to hear the good stories and have fun with him while you don’t give a damn about his problems, then you are not actually in love.

You simply like everything that he gives you but you don’t want to give him anything in return.

It means that you take care of yourself and you like when he takes care of you but you don’t want to do the same for him.

Sorry to burst your bubble but love shouldn’t be like this.

You don’t always feel good when you are with him

sad woman sitting apart from her boyfriend

When we are in love, we want to spend every free moment with our loved one.

But if you don’t feel this way and if you don’t always feel good with him, chances are that we are not talking about real love here.

You will probably have the time of your life when he buys you gifts, makes you feel special by taking you out to fancy restaurants or going on trips with you.

He will be good for you as long as you feel good with him and that will never change.

But real love is not all about those things. Real love would survive even if you two didn’t have money so you stayed at home instead of going on a trip.

Real love is when you accept your loved one the way he really is and when you don’t want to change him. And everything else is just false shine.

7 Signs You Don't Love Him - You Love The Idea Of Him