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The 5 Most Romantic Signs Of The Zodiac

The 5 Most Romantic Signs Of The Zodiac


Talk about romance ninjas, Pisces are definitely candidates. If you want to be swept off your feet and completely blown away, then you have to date a Pisces.

They will amaze you with their creativity and plan dates that you’ll never forget. They’ll surprise you with a little something at the beginning of your date and you’ll think okay… that was it?

But then when you least expect it, they will keep on outdoing themselves by giving you a night to remember.

They are also very outdoorsy, so don’t be surprised if they throw you a picnic dinner and take you on a long romantic walk in the park under the moonlight. Their creativity knows no bounds.


Although people see this sign as ego-driven and selfish, no one actually has any idea what a Leo is prepared to do for the person they love.

Once they fall in love, they will commit until the end and nothing will keep them from being the most careful and romantic partner. They will be protective in a very cute and romantic way.

You’ll feel loved and you’ll be swept off your feet every now and then. Leos have a huge heart but the catch is that you have to earn your way to their heart. You have to prove yourself worthy and once you do, the rest is easy.

They will be loyal to you and you won’t miss a thing from your life.


Virgos are usually very careful and they may look a bit distant and cold. Okay, that is perhaps because they really act that way and they leave that kind of impression, but actually they are anything but unreachable.

They just need to be sure that you care for them and they need to be positive that you’re not going to hurt them. Once you gain their trust, they will make their world revolve around you.

They will give you every second of their free time and they will remember all the small things you like so they can use it later on to surprise you and show you how much they love you.


When talking about romance, Taurus really know what they are doing. Let’s say that their way of courtship takes some time and they take things slow but at the and of the day, they always come back as a winner.

So, it must seem that their tactics work. They will sing you songs and serenade you under your window. They will write you short poems and leave you cute little notes.

They really make an effort but it pays off for them big time in the end.


Librans are like they came out of a romantic Hollywood movie. No one is better at making passes at someone than them. When they pick someone they like, that person doesn’t stand a chance.

Even if you didn’t like them in the beginning, you’ll grow to like them after they are done with you. They’ll throw you romantic dinners and prepare home-cooked meals.

Everything about them screams romance. If you’re going out with a Libran, be prepared for a lot of kind gestures and cute surprises because they are full of them.