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The Best Thing That Is Going To Happen To You This Year Is You

The Best Thing That Is Going To Happen To You This Year Is You

Do you have a special someone who’s been on your mind?

Do they not even realize how much of a precious gem you are?

Do they even care?

So you’ve been pondering whether they should stay or go…

DON’T wait for them to realize how special you are — YOU get to realize how special you are.

Here’s three steps to getting your groove back.

Block their number

There is someone, somewhere in your distant past, or your most immediate, who you know is not good for you — yeah that one, the one who just popped into your head.

Your friends warned you about them. In your deepest heartfelt place, you know they are not the one. Block their number.

You don’t block it to hurt them; you block it to help you. Sometimes you aren’t strong enough to not reply when they text you.

You know, those texts that come at random times. The ones that have no rhythm or reason, just their convenience.

Sometimes you have an internal battle about hitting ‘send’ when you know you should not reply. Realizing this weakness will allow you to arm yourself, all with the touch of a ‘block this caller’ button.

We interrupt your reading for all you ladies to go into your phones and block said persons… now.

If you’ve done this before and find yourself unblocking in weak moments, there is hope. The weak moments come in the form of Saturday nights when you’re at home by yourself.

They come after late nights out with the girls after one drink too many. Yep, you know yourself. I know you too.

Go ahead and delete the number. Let me see your strength. Delete… then flex… because you’re officially a bada$$.

Get your hair done

A cut.

A color.

A blowout.

Whatever, just get something different.

I can feel you getting excited about reading this. When a woman gets her hair done, it is the single most underrated radical confidence builder we have.

When you get your hair done, you feel like a brand new person. Your confidence emerges in spades. You know the feeling.

You walk out of the salon and hear Victoria’s Secret runway music playing because you just became AN ANGEL.

Yeah, girl! There’s something about getting our hair done that makes us feel like we could go out and conquer the world — even without our make-up.

Go ahead, make your appointment. You will instantly feel proud of yourself and embrace your new adventure. You see, our hair is often a safety blanket. It holds in the yuck we feel in the pit of a not so good relationship.

It can also hold in the yum of renewal when we throw caution to the wind and do something different. Renew your faith in the good things in this world—like hair appointments.

Go to the gym

A revenge body is not to get back at them; a revenge body is to get back at the woman you are no longer. Go ahead and punish her for her bullshit. Transform yourself from the inside out.

Your outer transformation is sometimes the catalyst for the change within. We’ve all heard it, exercise can cure everything from obesity to depression. If it can do that, it can obviously cure relationship woes.

When we exercise, we release endorphins in our brains and repair memory neurons which leave us feeling happy.

Get in the gym and work on you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is no investment that will pay off better than your investment in yourself.

Working out is not only for our vain imaginings. A healthy dose of exercise can put a clearer lens on life.

It will also add a few bumps in the right places, igniting a few head turns. This will be just what the doctor ordered to start the year off right.

You see, you are a gem. Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in having to validate how rare we are. Don’t waste your breath or your energy trying to explain that to someone who won’t receive it.

Girl, there is only one girl like you and there will only ever be one. Celebrate you so much that people will think it’s your birthday. You deserve it. Watch how the right people ready to celebrate you will show up in your life.

The best thing that is going to happen to you this year is YOU!

Maybe this is the year that someone will come along and complete the relationship story you’ve narrated for yourself. Maybe not.

Even if this is your year, it’s nice to be good to YOU! Be your best self. Looking and feeling damn good has to be the most attractive thing you can do in 2024.

That inner attraction will radiate to all the hotties and they will come flocking in no time. Meanwhile, you will have a really good thing happening with you—space in your phone from the blocked numbers, your hair done, your abs on fleek (do people still say that?). Girl, you are on fire!

In case no one told you today, you are a GEM!

Block their number, get your hair done, and go to the gym.