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The Pros And Cons Of Dating Each Zodiac Sign

The Pros And Cons Of Dating Each Zodiac Sign


PROS: If you are dating an Aries, you won’t have to be a mind reader to know where you stand.

They are brutally honest and they will let you know how they feel and what they think.

They are also very passionate, driven and quick-witted, so you will never spend a boring moment with them. They can turn almost every dull moment into fun.

CONS: An Aries is their own worst critic and when they are not pleased with the way their life is headed, they will shut themselves down emotionally.

As a side note, they will start pulling away from other people in their life, even the one they are dating. They prefer being alone while they sort out their life.



PROS: A Taurus is a romantic soul and they like to show their affection to the people they care about.

Hugs, kisses and long cuddles are their favorite and their partner will appreciate it.

One of the most amazing traits of a Taurus is that they are very loyal. They would never even think about betraying the person they love.

Also, if you are dating a Taurus, you are never hungry. They are known to be amazing cooks so there’s always some delicious surprise waiting around the corner.

CONS: The biggest downfall of a Taurus is their lazy nature. They have a hard time starting something but once they do start they are unstoppable.

They need someone who will push them in the right direction and inspire them to move.

They are also quite stubborn so they only react to the right words at the right time.

They don’t like to show their vulnerable side so they would much rather suffer in silence than say what’s bothering them. They lack communication in this area and that can be really devastating for their relationship.



PROS: The communication skills of a Gemini are enviable. The way they talk sparks people’s interest and amazement. They have this unique ability to truly listen to somebody and do their best to understand.

They don’t pass judgments or look down from above. They are problem fixers and they believe that everything can be solved with an open and honest conversation.

They don’t mind giving more to others and they will always put other people’s needs first. They will give their best to make the people around them happy and content.

CONS: Geminis are overthinkers. Their thoughts race through their head with such speed that they are unattainable. It can really make a mess out of their whole life. They overreact and make mountains out of molehills.

Mood swings are the most often side effect of their excessive overthinking. Their moodiness and evident changes in behavior will make their partner think that they are dating two different people at once.



PROS: Commitment-phobe is a word you will hardly ever relate to a Cancer. They are in love with love. They crave a stable relationship and exclusivity. They are all in when they are in a relationship.

Cancers are real sweethearts. They empathize with people and guard their secrets. They give their best and they don’t hold back their emotions when they are really into someone.

CONS: They idealize the person they are with, so more often than not they end up extremely disappointed. However, they take their lessons out of every fall they survive.

They are essentially too good to be true so people often exploit that. They use them and take them for granted. This often hurts them and even has a bad effect on their self-esteem.

Cancers can be really clingy. Their desire for love makes them so intoxicated by that other person that they forget about themselves and the world around them. Their sole focus is their partner, which is never good.



PROS: Leos inspire confidence. They will, without blinking, say that they are amazing and attractive, leaving other people no other option but to agree.

When dating a Leo, you will find out that even though they care about themselves the most, they are more than capable of looking at you as their equal.

They will treat you like their king or queen and do their best to knock you off of your feet. They don’t mind all the extra effort but they demand reciprocity.

CONS: Leos enjoy the spotlight and all the extra attention they get but what they are really unsure of is if they ever want to settle down and commit. It will be a long process until they decide to take that step.

What makes them really bad at dating is their inability to understand other people’s feelings. They have this distinct habit of saying all the wrong things at the worst possible times.

They hardly ever do it intentionally but it makes them look very insensitive and self-absorbed.



PROS: Virgos are down to earth, calm and insightful.

They don’t rush into a relationship so they take their time while dating. They want to know as much as they can about the other person and check if they are compatible before making any commitment.

They prefer long-term and meaningful relationships. Casual is not their style and they don’t feel comfortable in such arrangements.

CONS: Virgos are overly sensitive. They take everything too personally and they are easily offended and hurt, even if they do their best to conceal it.

They tend to be career-oriented which can take its toll on their love life. They get so caught up with their busy schedule and they get obsessed with reaching their goals that they put love on hold.



PROS: Librans are charming. Their flirting skills are perfect and impeccable, they are super confident and sweet and they will do their best to impress.

Librans like to make their better half feel special and pampered. They will be all over them and rightfully earn the title of best boyfriend or girlfriend.

CONS: Librans struggle with making decisions. They need a substantial amount of time to figure out what they really want and it’s obvious how that can make their partner crazy and not in a good way.

Their flirty nature can be their downside too. Their partner won’t appreciate if they practice their flirting skills in front of them, no matter how many times they say there’s nothing to it and it’s just goofing around.



PROS: There will never be a need to spice things up with Scorpio. They are the most passionate of the zodiac signs and they transfer that passion to every aspect of their relationship.

Chemistry is something that a Scorpio takes seriously. They can’t feel it with just anybody and they let their partner know just how special they are to them.

If you want an intense and passionate relationship filled with sexual tension, then date a Scorpio.

CONS: Scorpios tend to be reserved and they have a hard time opening up. They need a partner who is extremely patient to see through their titanium shell.

They have poor communication skills and they have a habit of staying silent when something is bothering them, which is frustrating to their partner.



PROS: Laughing until your stomach hurts beautifully sums up the dating experience and the relationship you will have with a Sagittarian.

They bring rays of sunshine and fun into your life. Their carefree nature and laid-back behavior send signals that there is no need to stress about things and that it’s better to enjoy life with them.

Besides all the fun, they like deep and meaningful conversations. They are into a lot of things so you will be all ears when they start talking or give you some insights into things you told them about.

CONS: Their playful nature and fun behavior come at a price. They are immature and they will have a hard time entering into a serious relationship.

They will look at it as a form of a prison they can’t escape from and they value their freedom. They are not big on commitment and they would rather be in a relationship without any strings attached.



PROS: When dating a Capricorn, you will feel like the most special person alive. They won’t need any special occasion to show you just how much they care.

For them, a simple Wednesday can be much better than somebody else’s Valentine’s Day.

They are willing to work hard on a relationship and they only back down when they have exhausted every atom of their strength.

They are a loyal and committed partner. If you are dating then you can be sure they have eyes only for you.

CONS: They are not even aware of it most of the time but they are a bit controlling. They like things to go their way and they think they always know best.

They need someone who will point out that they are a bit controlling, while they are aware that they can’t do anything about it.

They don’t like change so it’s not easy for them to adapt to new situations. They like peace and harmony and they are ready to stay silent and suffer on the inside for it, which does not do them or their relationship any good.



PROS: If you want a partner who will accept you just the way you are, choose an Aquarian. They are one of the most accepting zodiac signs. They believe that people are beautiful in their uniqueness.

They value intellect and choose a partner they can connect with on a deeper level. They are not afraid of their feelings and they are ready to go above and beyond for the one they care for.

CONS: They are guided more by their mind and less by their heart. They over-rationalize things and sometimes it’s hard to understand where they are coming from.

They like to feel like they have everything under control at all times. Losing control doesn’t sit well with them and they are known to overreact in such situations.



PROS: A Pisces will be your best friend and lover. They are someone you can confide in and trust completely. They are very devoted and they will never break your trust.

They are tactful so they know when to be straightforward and they know when to stay silent about something, which is a valuable trait in any human relationship.

They like romance so they will do their best to impress their partner, although they don’t mind being charmed and spoiled too.

CONS: Their romantic nature makes them a perpetual dreamer. Everything is better in their head than it is in the real world, so they get disappointed every time.

They also put their partner on a pedestal and expect perfection and greatness, which is just not real. Their unmet expectations can really damage their relationship.

The Pros And Cons Of Dating Each Zodiac Sign