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The Real Reason Why She’s Afraid To Fall In Love Again

The Real Reason Why She’s Afraid To Fall In Love Again

She’s been broken. When you look at her, what do you see? A shell of a human being? No. No, you don’t.

You see someone who wants to fight. You see someone who wants to stand up and be strong again but one fear won’t let her sleep at night. It doesn’t even let her stand on her own two feet again.

She’s afraid to fall in love again. Not because she might get broken again. She’s been through that and she survived.

It made her stronger and it made her a warrior, so she knows that she is going to survive if it happens again. But it won’t. Her past has taught her how to choose a man wisely.

She’s not afraid that he’s going to leave her. She has been alone for far too long. Even when she was in a relationship, there were times when she felt lonely. Loneliness is her friend.

When she’s alone her mind is her best friend because she can find a solution to every problem and it only makes her stronger.

She’s not afraid of being taken advantage of. Want to know why? Because there’s no one in this world who’s able to do that to her ever again.

There are strong boundaries she has made and walls she built up around herself , to make sure she sends the clear message that unless you respect her, you can’t be with her.

You might be wondering what she is afraid of? She’s afraid of losing herself again.

She’s afraid of losing the only person who was always by her side and the only person who takes their time to listen to her: herself.

After years and years of giving up everything she was to please a man who wasn’t able to cherish her hard work and dedication, getting herself back was the ultimate prize for leaving that man.

She’s afraid of losing herself.

Giving up her hopes, dreams, morals and values all for a man makes her wonder if there’s anyone in this world who will love her for who she is and not for the woman she is able to become once she falls in love.

No. There’s no way she’s going back to that time of pain and misery, where she didn’t even know who she actually was.

That’s the real reason she’s afraid to fall in love again. Love takes away everything you are and love doesn’t know limits.

When she loves someone, she loves them with her whole heart, like there’s nothing that could go wrong, like they are never going to leave and that’s when her fear gets worse.

The last time she loved someone so unconditionally, when they left she didn’t have anything left but her shell. The shell of a human being that she tried to restore for far too long.

Today she is over it, that’s why when you look at her you see more than that but at one point there was nothing beyond her tears.

A long period of time will pass before she falls in love again. She needs to learn that loving someone doesn’t mean changing herself.

She has to learn that loving means giving someone your time and efforts and not everything you have.

But what’s left to do? Her heart doesn’t know anything else but to love with everything it is and until it gets to the point of breaking.

But don’t judge her. She’s still willing to become stronger.

She will love again. One day when she’s able to say that she will stay just the way she is even if she belongs to someone else.

She will love again and she has faith that it won’t hurt her again.