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10 True Traits Of A Loyal Man

10 True Traits Of A Loyal Man

Loyalty is a trait that is so hard to find in people these days, especially when we talk about men.

There is so much temptation and everything is too available, so it’s basically so hard to resist and if you don’t have a strong character, you’ll fold under pressure.

When you are in a mature relationship, the only thing (in the beginning at least) you want to be sure of is that your man is faithful. But, the thing is you can’t get to know your partner in a few weeks or a month or so.

There are people who get married and after years of marriage, they still don’t know everything about each other.

So, is there a magic formula that will ensure that your main is faithful and loyal to you?

Many people get cheated on and it beats them down. They are faced with betrayal and abandonment.

The person they trusted played with them and afterwards, it’s hard to bounce back from it. It’s hard to trust someone again because you’re expecting the same thing to happen.

In that light, although there is no magic formula to know if he is faithful or not, there are some traits that define a loyal man and if your man has them, then you have nothing to worry about.

He is selfless

If your man doesn’t put himself first all the time, it means he really cares about your needs.

Cheating is the most awful form of selfishness and if he did that to you, he doesn’t deserve a second chance—no matter how hard he begs for it.

If he is that selfish and that much of a coward that he can’t admit he wants out from a relationship, then he is not worthy of your time.

A true and loyal man is selfless and doesn’t care that much about himself.

He never puts himself first and he always wants to involve you in anything he does. He wants you to be a part of his life. That kind of man is a keeper.

He is emotionally intelligent

Not only intelligent in a normal way, but emotionally intelligent. He knows how to act when feelings are involved.

He knows that before he says something, he has to think things through.

So pay attention. If he doesn’t say the first thing that comes up to his mind, he is not just some regular douchebag.

He supports your career

Many men today feel threatened by women and their success, especially if the women are on a good run and more successful than the men.

But the man who is by your side will be happy for what you’ve accomplished.

He will support your career and help you pass all the obstacles you encounter. Your success is like his own.

He never breaks promises

If he said that he’ll do something, he’ll do it. If he promises to take you on a field trip on a Saturday morning, you can be sure he won’t break his promise last minute. If something really comes up, he’ll make sure to make up for it.

If he says he’ll ditch his friends and won’t watch the game because he promised to hang out with you, he’ll do it.

But also, he will never make a promise he can’t keep. I think that’s fair enough.

He has no interest in other women

If he’s dating you, he’s dating you. You are the center of his universe and he doesn’t need to feel gratified by flirting with other women.

You attention is all he needs and he shows that to you every day. He won’t look at other women, not in a sexual and lusty way.

As a matter of fact, the hottest girl can walk by him and you’ll notice her, so will he, but he won’t turn his head 180 degrees and forget to walk for a few seconds.

He checks on you

He makes sure that you are okay. If you haven’t seen each other for a few hours, he’ll call you just to check up on you. He wants to hear your voice and wants to make sure that you’re fine.

He cares about you deeply and he wants you to feel safe and loved.

If you’re sick, he’ll be there to take care of you and tuck you in before you go to sleep.

He will run to the drug store to get you meds and make you soup if you need him to.

He cares about your relationship

He wants to invest in it. He wants to make it stronger. He is trying as much as you are and that is something you must never ignore.

A loyal man will never talk trash about a person he loves and if he hears someone attacking you or your relationship, he’ll take a stand and defend it because no one will talk trash about his woman.

He wants you to trust him

And not only does he want that, but he works on it every day. He’ll never do something that will make you suspect him and there will be no lies between the two of you.

Conversation is his main technique and as long as you two talk things out, there will be no problem between the two of you and you won’t have any reason not to trust him. Honesty is a big plus.

He’s not an attention seeker

He is not the kind of a man who wants attention, who wants everyone to like him.

He doesn’t seek approval and with that kind of behavior, he is less likely to do things he shouldn’t with other women.

He just doesn’t feel the need to be accepted by anyone except you.

You’re not a threat to him

He will never compete with you because your success matters to him as much as it matters to you.

He will set challenges for you, but that is not a bad thing. It can only make you want to try harder and be better.

He understands that you have your own life, you have to go through it by yourself and all your accomplishments won’t depress him, but the exact opposite—they will make him also want to be better.