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The Spirit Animal Of Your Zodiac Sign, Revealed

The Spirit Animal Of Your Zodiac Sign, Revealed

To start things off right, let’s first determine what a spirit animal is. Your spirit animal is your mirror spirit, something that resembles your character and you personality-wise. 

The term is often used as a joke to refer to something a person finds funny and relatable to their own personality.

For instance, “If Monday had a spirit animal, it would be a sloth.”

There are a few ways of determining your spirit animal but I believe the zodiac is the best way to go.

While half of the zodiac signs have a spiritual animal that they can guess, others will be extremely surprised. Have a read and find out what your spirit animal is.  


The same as his astrological symbol, Aries’ spirit animal is the ram. A ram symbolizes determination, a fiery force and leadership. 

That’s why Arians have inner strength that they are not even aware of at times.

They are born warriors and they will get up no matter how many times they fall down. 

Once an Arian puts their mind to something, there is no stopping them.

They are capable of establishing a balance between their personal and professional life and enjoy both fully. 


A bull is without a doubt their spirit animal and while it might not look good on paper, their symbolism is amazingly beautiful. 

Selflessness, stubbornness, powerfulness and being spiritually strong are the main virtues of this spirit animal.  

Taureans are goal-oriented and ambitious and have a habit of seeing things their way.

On the other hand, they are also family-oriented, loving and kind and able to admit when they are wrong. They really do justice to their spirit animal. 


A dual personality, natural curiosity and great social skills would precisely sum up what Gemini is all about.

That’s exactly why their spiritual embodiment is the chameleon. 

They are fierce and driven but they can also blend in with the environment if necessary.

The chameleon symbolizes the ability to reveal and hide emotions depending on the situation, which is an admirable skill. 

Geminis have learned by now that only certain people get to see their hearts while others are left at an arm’s length. In the end, everyone gets to see the side of Gemini they deserve. 


Naturally, the crab is their spirit animal. That explains their love for water; from oceans to bubble baths is where they feel more relaxed. 

The crab is a symbol of intuitiveness, sensitivity, independence and perseverance.

So it’s no wonder that emotions are everything to Cancerians and they don’t know how to love without committing fully. 

In nature, crabs sometimes have to adapt to tough living conditions; the same is true for Cancerians.

Life has a way of beating them down but that only makes them stronger and more resistant. 


It’s pretty easy to guess Leo’s spirit animal, it’s the king of the jungle, his majesty the lion. A true Leo never runs; he stays and fights. 

The lion represents more than bravery, as leadership is their main trait.

They are the dominant one in both personal and professional relationships. 

Leos believe in working hard, loving themselves and being understanding and compassionate toward others.

Because of it, they earn respect and admiration from others, just like lions do.


Your spirit animal is the falcon, which signifies wisdom, perceptiveness, vision and protection.

Like their animal spirits, Virgos are highly intelligent and they can make a messy situation clear again. 

They are ambitious and they always have a vision of what their life could be with hard work and determination instead of settling for the current situation. 

The falcon in their life serves as a reminder to follow their dreams with fierceness, focus and speed but it also gives them a higher perspective and prevents them from neglecting their heart or soul. 


Sleep. Eat. Repeat. That’s one way of describing Libra’s favorite things to do. That’s why their spirit animal is a panda. 

Well, not just because of that; a panda symbolizes balance and we all know that Librans are in the constant search of harmony in their life. 

A panda also represents gentle strength; every Libran possesses invisible courage that they show diplomatically.

There are no conflicts or raising of voices if things can be solved peacefully.


Surprise, surprise, a scorpion is their spirit animal, which symbolizes passion, individuality and spiritual growth. 

Scorpions never attack unprovoked. They get into conflict only if it’s necessary and they feel threatened.  

Scorpios always find a way to remove themselves from toxic people and situations and them leaving is what stings the other side the most.  


Independent, adventurous, curious and sensual—yes, that about sums up a Sagittarian.

Those traits are also what symbolizes a cat, that’s why it is, without a doubt, their spirit animal. 

Both a cat and a Sag have the undeniable power to adapt to changing circumstances.

They are flexible and imaginative and value freedom above all. 

Sagittarians need a companion who will love them in a way that makes them feel free to be themselves.

They are also highly sensual and they wouldn’t even enter a relationship if there was no real chemistry. 


While the sea-goat is a symbol of the Capricorn zodiac sign, their spirit animal is just slightly less mystical and it’s a goat. 

We all know that Capricorns are very ambitious and goats reflect their eternal desire and ability to reach new heights. 

The goat is a symbol of independence, faith and intelligence.

One more important trait of a goat is fierceness; no matter what their fear is, Capricorns will face it and deal with it instead of running.  


You may probably think that some water animal is an Aquarian’s spirit animal but you would be wrong.

Their spirit animal is actually a peacock and it represents the colorful spectrum of their personality. 

Aquarians are old souls who have the gift of inspiring others. They are who they are and they don’t play pretend. 

Although they are good-natured in 99% of situations, peacocks and Aquarians both have that invisible line that should never be crossed.

They will chase down anyone who steps over it.


Just like their zodiac sign, the fish is their spirit animal.

A fish is a highly symbolic symbol and it signifies fertility, feelings, creativity, transformation, health, harmony, intelligence, happiness, strength and endurance.

Without a doubt, Pisces are very creative and highly empathic people.

Most of them dream of having a big family or already have one. No matter what, the family comes first. 

No matter how many times life drowns them, they always find a way to swim against all currents.

They are intelligent and resourceful and usually a lot stronger than they know.