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What Is Pisces’ Spirit Animal? The Ultimate Truth

What Is Pisces’ Spirit Animal? The Ultimate Truth

Oh, my sweet fellow Pisces. I feel you (my rising sign speaking here).

I would say Pisces is probably the most misunderstood zodiac sign and one of the most complex.

Discovering and understanding Pisces’ spirit animals is crucial for all the sensitive and deeply intuitive souls that Pisceans are. It will help them understand their own world and set boundaries, something they are often not capable of due to their highly receptive nature.

What is Pisces’ spirit animal, then? There are a couple of them. Let’s dive into it!

What Is Pisces’ Spirit Animal: 5 Animals That Represent Pisces’ Spirit

Pisces’ zodiac symbol is the fish. In the horoscope, Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in the opposite direction. However, their spirit animal is not always connected to the water.

What animal would a Pisces be?

There are 5 spirit animals that represent Pisces and their characteristics the best: deer, seahorse, fish, crow, and chameleon.

Each of them represents the qualities that Pisceans embody. They point out both strong and weak points of the Pisces zodiac sign and, if carefully studied, can serve as a spirit guide on the way to self-mastery.

1. Deer

The deer, much like Pisces, is an animal that represents subtle and refined aspects like sensitivity, grace, tenderness, and compassion.

• Sensitivity

Both deer and Pisces are sensitive and shy creatures.

Their sensitive and delicate nature makes them almost like fantasy animals. That’s the reason they often have a hard time staying in touch with the harsh and aggressive world around them.

They have the ability to understand the most sophisticated energies around them, but if they are surrounded by an aggressive and hostile environment, they get scared and run away.

• Grace

Another thing they have in common is grace.

Even though very sensitive, Pisces is a mutable sign, which means they can find a way to deal with the situation and go “with the flow.”

Like deers, they go through life with a high sense of grace, even when dealing with the most difficult challenges.

• Compassion

They are highly receptive and sensitive creatures, which also makes them compassionate. Their tender nature won’t allow them to treat others in any other way than with kindness.

Pisces are people that are often considered healers. They are able to understand and feel the emotions of people around them without being judgemental.

2. Seahorse

The seahorse and Pisces share two significant personality traits: consistency and protectiveness.

• Consistency

Pisces, just like a seahorse, has the trait of persistence.

Although very small in size and very shy, which often results in them being seen as “weak,” they are consistent and strong-willed.

Remember, Pisces’ zodiac sign is a mutable one, which means they are highly adaptable. They will always find a way to accomplish what they set their minds to.

• Protectiveness

The seahorse is known for its care and protectiveness towards offspring and young members of the species. Pisces share the same personality trait.

They have a strong need to protect their loved ones. Their nourishing and caring nature is not reserved only for family and friends. Pisces are also protectors of all vulnerable people, be they family members or strangers.

A Pisces man is a protective father, while a Pisces woman is a nurturing mother.

3. Fish

Fish represent the Pisces symbol in the zodiac. It also represents Pisces’ spirit animal and probably is their best match.

Their common characteristics are that they are adaptable, not afraid of deep waters, and have a hard time standing up for themselves.

• They are highly adaptable

Fish will always go with the flow. Even in the most hostile and dangerous waters, they will swim without a problem. They stick with the group, and that makes them safe and protected.

Pisces, just like fish, can survive the most hectic life circumstances.

• They dive into deep waters

They explore deep dark waters and are not afraid of the unknown. Pisces are always in search of the deeper meaning of life and the whole manifestation of it.

Water also symbolizes our emotions. Pieces are not afraid of feeling and expressing their emotions, no matter how unpleasant or scary they may seem.

• They are people pleasers

Pisceans are easygoing, calm people who stay away from conflict. They want to have peaceful and harmonious surroundings and often put themselves second just to maintain peace.

They tend to struggle with setting boundaries and saying no, and that’s their most important life lesson: learning how to protect themselves.

4. Crow

Both the crow and Pisces are creatures of mystery and wisdom, each in their own unique way.

• Wisdom

The crow is an animal known for its intelligence. As a totem, it represents wisdom and sharpness of mind.

The sign of Pisces is the last zodiac sign and represents the end of the karmic cycle. Pisceans are old souls, reincarnated many times and with many lessons behind them. They are able to understand what many others are not, and therein lies their high compatibility with crows.

• Mystery

The crow is a mysterious animal often associated with the dark side and the occult.

Pisces, very much like crows, are hard-to-understand creatures. They are almost impossible to grasp, and you can never predict their next move. They appear mysterious and unpredictable.

5. Chameleon

The chameleon and Pisces share one important characteristic: they are all about change and transformation. They are so adaptable because of their uper-sensitive nature and the ability to observe and feel everything around them.

• Hypersensitivity

The chameleon has the ability to observe and perceive its surroundings and transform so that it can go unnoticed and, therefore, be protected from danger.

Pisces have an exceptionally receptive nature and are sensitive to all energies around them, just like chameleons. It doesn’t represent a weakness.

On the contrary, it allows them to change and adapt to whatever is going on around them. That’s one of the most powerful Pisces personality traits.

Is The Wolf Pisces’ Spirit Animal?

Although it may come shockingly at first because we don’t usually perceive Pisces as tough creatures, the wolf is indeed a Pisces spirit animal.

They are different in size and the way they behave, but both of them have tremendous strength and are able to endure the toughest conditions.

Another important thing they have in common is their ability to see the bigger picture and work for the higher good.

Pisces, just like wolves, tend to stay in packs. They care deeply for other members of their group and their well-being. When choosing between what’s good for them as individuals vs. what’s good for the community, they will choose the latter.

Not because they don’t value their individuality, but because they see the bigger picture. They care about unity more than ego-imposed desires.

One more thing they have in common is their ability to be great leaders. Pisces are naturally people pleasers. They know how to work in large groups and get along with others. They are also protective and nurturing, which is why people trust them and will often rely on them.

Pisces Are Extraordinarily Intuitive Souls

Their charming ruler Neptune made sure all Pisceans are extraordinarily intuitive souls connected deeply to spiritual realms and all that is invisible to the naked eye. Ancient ruler Jupiter gifted them with the possibility of immense spiritual growth.

Being the last sign of the zodiac is a tough job and indicates an old soul and heavy karma. That’s the reason Pisces, even though very wise, often has a hard time understanding current reality and adjusting to it.

Pisces, along with Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius, is a mutable sign. Cardinal signs ( Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) start the ideas, and fixed signs ( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) push them along. Mutable signs are all about perfecting an idea and setting it ready for the crowning point.

Pisces, more than any other mutable sign, are able to dream big. They are the dreamers of the zodiac.

Pisces’ soulmate is someone who is able to understand their tender and dreamy soul, for example, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, or Scorpio.


Here we have the list of Pisces’ spirit animals and their connection to this zodiac sign.

While searching for the answer to the question “What is Pisces’ spirit animal?” you were probably expecting a fish. You got the fish, as well as some other beautiful animals too.

All of them represent qualities that Pisces people have. Pisces are sensitive, tender, and intuitive beings, highly receptive to all energies. That is as good as it is bad. If they don’t learn how to set boundaries and protect themselves, they will suffer.

But if they learn to control what they receive and, more importantly, to channel the energies they receive, they can become unstoppable.

They have the grace and sensitivity of a deer, consistency and stability of a seahorse, wisdom of a crow, kindness and adaptability of a fish, and ability to stay calm in every situation, just like a chameleon.

And just like wolves, they are the ones who can lead a whole community.