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Things To Talk About With A Boy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

Things To Talk About With A Boy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

Good conversation is the basis for any healthy relationship, right ladies? So it’s only natural that you’d wonder about what sort of things to talk about with a boy!

Getting the right conversation starter is crucial if you don’t want to blow your chances for a great first impression.

Today, you’re going to find out lots of amazing things to talk about with a guy and learn all about keeping him interested in spending more time with you. I’m going to teach you how to charm him via text, in person, and as you start seeing each other!

Be sure to keep reading as I’ve collected a lot of interesting data that I’m sure will come in handy!

Getting the conversation going can be such a hassle, as sometimes all the conversation topics you had in mind vanish without a trace. But don’t worry. It happens to all of us!

athletes resting on floor after training

After reading this, you’ll have nothing but great conversation with this boy, and with a little bit of luck, you’ll find shared interests, common ground, and learn how to avoid all those pesky awkward silences!

The first time is always the trickiest, so hang in there!

If you’re searching for great conversation starters, want to learn how to break the ice with your crush, and make sure to keep it going after the first date, continue reading and get your man!

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Things To Talk About With A Boy Through Texting

smiling woman in a black and white shirt

Here, we’ll go through things to talk about with a guy via text! As you’re going through the first stages and getting to know each other, here are some useful conversation starters.

Before you get to know him in person, this is how it should go if you want to keep him invested in the long run.

1. Keep it short, sweet, and fun!

cheerful man with smartphone drinking juice on street

Through texting, your goal is to let this boy know you’re easy, breezy, and super fun to have around. So avoid having serious conversations and steer clear of draining topics.

Ask him what he’s passionate about and what his weirdest pet peeves are.

Don’t give him a hard time about anything and leave something for the next time you text. My advice is to leave an air of mystery about yourself!

Make him wonder about certain things by not sharing it all at once.

Ask him about his favorite food, what kind of music he listens to and his favorite place to go unwind. But when he does the questioning, be sure to remain intriguing, coy, and like someone he wants to get to know better.

2. Ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going

woman in blue hoodie smiling while using smartphone

If the guy seems eager, give him something to go on! By sharing things with you, he’s letting you know that he likes talking to you.

So don’t leave him hanging; ask him follow-up questions!

Whatever he’s typing about, ask him about it. That will give him reassurance that you actually want to hear about it.

Another thing is to give him room to actually say what he has to say. How? By not constantly asking questions and giving him time to finish his thoughts.

Guys like to know that they’re being heard and that’s exactly what you’ll do. But always find a healthy balance between being too nosey and just the right amount of curiosity.

3. Send him funny memes

cheerful female having drink in elegant bar while using smartphone

But be careful. Make sure that it’s actually funny and it will make him LOL. Here’s how you’ll know if it’s text-worthy.

It’s very simple; if it made you laugh the moment you saw it, it’s likely going to do the same to him. But if it’s neither here nor there, keep looking!

You can ask around about his likes and dislikes, and that’ll give you an idea of what he might consider funny! The point of sending him a funny meme is to make him laugh.

Why? Because then he’ll be reminded of you every time he sees that or anything similar.

See? It’s all about leaving a lasting impact! And by the time you get that first date, you’ll already have made a great first impression, which will benefit you greatly by making him see how cool and witty you are.

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Things To Talk About With A Boy In Person

friends sitting in park while having converstation

This part is related to those casual run-ins and seeing each other through mutual friends! There are tons of fun things to discuss with your crush in person that will keep the mood light and fun.

You may know this guy to some extent, he may even be a casual friend, or you may have spotted him across the bar! Here’s how you’ll get his attention.

4. What’s your name?

woman wearing white top sitting near table with people

Obviously, this pertains to the guy you just spotted. You’re sitting at a bar, looking around, and you see this cute dude.

You want to go over but you’re not sure what to say. Sometimes, the key is simplicity. Go over, and ask him what his name is.

Simple as that! By his reaction, you’ll get a sense if he wants to keep talking or not. If he seems friendly and offers you his name, introduce yourself, shake his hand and give him a coy smile!

Ask him about the origin of his name (if it’s an unusual one) and keep talking about how cool this place is. And before you know it, the conversation will develop all on its own!

5. Ask him about his drink!

man and woman sitting while holding drinks

First thing you should know; men love to be approached by women and getting talked up! So you can’t go wrong whatever happens. Secondly, your best bet is to ask him about his drink.

If he’s sipping something interesting, pretend that you want to order the same thing so you want to know if it’s worth it.

That will give you a few minutes of great conversation, and if the guy’s into you, trust me, you’ll see it by his behavior and body language.

Some other great topics are what he does in his free time and if he has social media accounts, and you can even share some of the funniest things you saw on there lately. Whatever seems to come naturally in the moment.

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6. Find out what his relationship status is

friends standing and laughing during sunset

This is a bit trickier to figure out, but definitely not impossible! First, if you’re a straightforward type of person, just go ahead and ask him something like ”Are you here with your girlfriend, best friend, coworkers…?” and you’ll get your answer just like that!

But if you’re on the shy side, there are other conversation topics that will help you get it out of him. Ask him if he’s been on any fun vacations lately and who with.

If that doesn’t help, ask where his girlfriend is and if she minds him spending time alone at a bar (with a flirty yet cautious smile).

And another great tip is to casually mention Tinder and totally randomly ask if he’s on there. Some of these things are bound to get you an answer!

7. Mention a new restaurant you really want to try out

drinking man and woman drinking coffee inside coffee shop

If you’re talking to a guy you know, this should be a piece of cake! Think really hard if there are any new places that recently opened and that you really want to visit!

Maybe a bar, restaurant, or event that he might be interested in. And the next time you’re talking, mention how much you want to go!

But be sure to give him a strong hint that you want it to be just the two of you, away from your mutual friends. If you want this guy to become your best friend slash lover, you need to spend some quality time together one-on-one!

That’s the only way you’ll find out all about his favorite things, which TV shows he binge-watches, if he has a good sense of humor, and what his all-time favorite movie is!

Who knows, maybe you have the same favorite superhero, which will give you so much to talk about!

8. Ask about his weekend plans

man sitting beside woman while reading catalog

Fingers crossed he doesn’t have any! This is a really big step (in the right direction) and if he’s interested at all, he’ll make sure you know!

Tell him you don’t have any plans and show how excited you are as you can’t remember the last time you were free for a fun weekend adventure!

And now the ball’s in his court. He knows you’re free and he sees that you’re eager. It’s up to him what happens next.

If he’s the type of guy who’d rather stay home playing video games all weekend long instead of spending time with you, maybe he’s not worth the bother.

But if he has any idea how awesome you are, he’ll get the hint and offer to make plans together. And that’s all you really want!

Quality time with each other where you can talk about your favorite books, make adorable, flirty small talk and (hopefully!) make out until your lips are numb.

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Things To Talk About With A Boy On Your First Date

man and woman sitting on bench near beach

Okay, so if you got this far – congrats! You managed to scoop your guy and get to the first date, yay! Now, it’s time to show him what you’re all about.

If this is the first time it’s just the two of you, don’t panic. He’s just as nervous as you are!

As long as you don’t forget to keep eye contact and follow these useful pointers, you’ll end it on a high note!

9. Ask him what he’s passionate about

man and woman sitting on chair beside table while drinking coffee

We all have something that we’re deeply passionate about! And what better way to get the conversation going than by letting him share about something so inspiring and positive?

Trust me, this is your best conversation starter by a mile!

Can you imagine finding out that you’re both into the same things? That would immediately speed things along and lead to some really good conversations!

This dude might just become your best friend (with all the right benefits!)

Besides, relationship experts point out how vital shared interests and common ground are when starting out with someone new. So if you find any similarities, build on that and connect based on things that make you both genuinely happy.

10. Share funny childhood anecdotes

man and woman sitting near each other on stairways

When you’re faced with those annoying awkward silences (which are perfectly normal on a first date, btw) you can resort to your funny childhood stories! They will get you out of the funk and move things along as if nothing ever happened.

We all have fun things to talk about from our early years. I know I could go on for ages about my awkward teen years.

Prepare your best stories beforehand, and that way you’ll be ready should the need arise. These anecdotes might just be some of the best things to talk about with a boy!

They will immediately bring a chill vibe, bring reassurance to both of you, and probably make at least one of you laugh. And the best thing about this is that he’ll just end up offering some of his best stories and the conversation will proceed organically.

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11. Ask him ”would you rather” questions

man and woman sitting on green grass field during daytime

When you run out of things to talk about with this boy, here’s what can help. Play a game of ”Would you rather?” Here are a few examples of how this should go:

Would you rather have one real get-out-of-jail-free card or a key that opens any door?

Would you rather know the history of every object you touched or be able to talk to animals?

Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself?

Keep him interested by asking him these intriguing questions and get him thinking! This is unusual but it works fantastically.

Try it out and see for yourself. Just make sure to prepare a few of these questions ahead of time and make his imagination run wild!

12. What are his goals and ambitions?

couple sitting under the tree during daytime

What are his dreams? What does he hope to achieve in life? Is he happy the way his life is now and would he change anything if he could?

You have to get a good sense of who he is and what he’s all about.

Talking about your favorite movies is cool, but this is the only way to see if there’s a future with him. Maybe you’ll help him open up and share with you more than he wanted to, and that’s awesome!

He needs to know that you’re easy to talk to and he can feel free to mention anything.

When he sees how pleasant and easy-going you are, not to mention a great person to talk to, he’ll see the potential in seeing you again and again.

13. Talk about your favorite music

smiling man and woman standing near blue wall listening music from headphones

One of the best ways to connect with someone is through music! There’s just something special in how music can move you in ways that are difficult to comprehend and simply must be felt.

Ask what kind of music he’s into and see if you overlap in any genres or artists.

For me personally, music is a huge factor when deciding if I’m going to keep seeing someone. When I meet a guy who’s into the same music, whom I can share all about my favorite bands, lyrics, and concert experiences, nothing quite compares.

It’s the key to my soul, as is the case with lots of people out there. So figure out what type of music sets his soul on fire and with a little bit of luck, your second date might just be at a concert!

And Remember…

man and woman sitting together in front of table while holding hands

The longer you keep seeing each other, the easier it should be to have long, natural, fun, and serious conversations. It’s totally okay to wonder about things to talk about with a boy as you’re just getting to know each other…

But by the time things start getting serious, everything should come naturally to you. Spending time with him should feel like a vacation for your soul and every time you see him, you should feel nothing but joy, excitement, and childlike happiness!

If you have to force yourself to talk about certain things and you’re having trouble connecting on a deeper level, maybe that’s a sign that he’s just not the guy for you?

Because when you’re with a boy whose heart is in sync with yours, all the time in the world won’t be enough when you’re with him!

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Things To Talk About With A Boy 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested