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5 Things You Won’t Do If You’re An Emotionally Mature Woman

5 Things You Won’t Do If You’re An Emotionally Mature Woman

Emotional maturity is an important milestone in everyone’s development.

It means you’ve grown up in terms of your feelings and are now able to process them calmly rather than being completely led by your emotions.

So, what defines an emotionally mature woman? How does this woman behave in a relationship and what are the things she won’t do?

1. You won’t become emotionally dependent on your romantic partner

The first thing no emotionally mature woman would ever do is tie her happiness entirely to her significant other. No matter how much you love your partner, if you’re this woman, you’ll never become emotionally dependent on him.

It means that you’re aware that the world won’t end even if you lose the guy by your side. You know you can survive without him just fine.

This is actually the bottom line of emotional maturity: not clinging to anyone, despite all the feelings you might have for them. Not making the other person the center of your Universe.

Most importantly, not being emotionally dependent means not expecting the other person to magically transform your life just by loving you.

It means knowing that you’re the only creator of your happiness and that you have to be on good terms with yourself before you can have a healthy relationship.

2. You won’t disregard other relationships in your life

Emotional maturity isn’t only connected to romantic relationships. In fact, it includes appreciating your friendships, family, and work relationships, too.

When you’re an immature brat, you don’t realize the value of having a best friend you can tell everything to. You don’t know how important it is to have coworkers you’re on awesome terms with.

Most importantly, you don’t know how precious it is to have a healthy family.

In this scenario, you’re ready to cut everyone off for the sake of your romance. You focus only on your boyfriend and you don’t mind losing touch with everyone else.

Behaving like this makes you an emotionally immature woman. On the other hand, if you’re a real grown up, you’ll act differently.

You won’t disregard other relationships in your life just because you’re romantically involved.

You’ll cherish your friendships (including your work friends) and family relationships.

As an emotionally mature person, you’ll be aware that these people were a part of your life before your boyfriend came along and they’re the ones who’ll stick around if he ever leaves.

3. You won’t blame your partner for everything

Another common trait of emotionally immature people is that they never take responsibility for their words and actions. They’re never guilty for the things that are happening and they always blame others.

Instead, these people keep on finding excuses for their behavior. They’ll never admit that they’re wrong and will probably try to put all the weight on your shoulders.

However, if you’re an emotionally mature woman, doing something like this will be the last thing on your mind. You know that every relationship is a two way street and you don’t mind taking your share of responsibility.

In fact, you’re someone who has amazing introspection skills. You question your moves and try to see your mistakes, so you don’t repeat them.

4. You won’t lose yourself

One of the most important things no emotionally mature woman would ever do is lose herself. No matter what, you remain loyal to the person you essentially are and always have been.

Naturally, when you are in a committed relationship, you won’t run away from compromise. You’re ready to meet your significant other halfway and adapt to the new situation.

However, this doesn’t include allowing him to change you. It doesn’t include letting your partner shape you the way he wants.

You’re a woman who is faithful to her principles and worldviews. Nobody can change your moral values and beliefs, nor can they turn you into something you’re not.

As much as you cherish your relationships, at the end of the day, you know that the most important one is the one you have with yourself. People can come and go but you’re the one who has to spend the rest of your life with yourself.

5. You won’t repress your feelings

Emotionally mature women are in touch with their feelings. They don’t run away from them and don’t try to repress them.

Therefore, if you’re this type of woman, you’ll always be aware of whatever you’re feeling. Even if you don’t like some of your emotions, you won’t pretend that they’re not there.

You won’t expect them to magically go away if you ignore them long enough. You’ll know how unhealthy this can be.

Instead, you’ll process all of your feelings, including the ones you would like to avoid.