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Practice Social Distancing From The Ones Who Never Deserved You Anyway

Practice Social Distancing From The Ones Who Never Deserved You Anyway

Wherever you look around, everyone is pointing out the importance of social distancing.

They tell you that it’s crucial for you to keep as far away from people as possible because that’s the only way to save your own as well as others’ lives.

But I’m not here to talk to you about this. I’m not here to help you get through the lockdown or inspire you to do something with your life during this time.

However, I am here to talk about social distancing regardless of the virus.

Here to tell you the significance of distancing yourself from the ones who never deserved to be near you in the first place.

For a change, stop giving access to the ones who keep on hurting you. The ones who are doing you harm and making your life miserable.

I don’t care if we’re talking about your emotional partner, about someone you think of as your best friend, or even one of your closest family members, be it your parents or siblings.

Forget about feeling guilty, because you don’t owe anyone anything. Don’t let your history with someone prevent you from making the right choice.

Stop thinking about how you kicking them out of your life would make these people feel. After all, they don’t think about the consequences of their actions when they treat you like shit, do they now?

Stop worrying whether they’ll make it without you. You’re no one’s guardian angel and it’s not your job to save others, especially those who clearly don’t want to be saved.

So please, start focusing on yourself. It’s not selfish to get rid of everyone who is upsetting your inner peace.

It’s not selfish to move away from those who are doing everything they can to put you down. Those who are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

The people who keep on telling you that you’re not enough.

Cutting toxic people off doesn’t make you an awful person. Instead, it means that you’re a woman who loves herself more than she loves others – and that is exactly how things should be.

Escaping from everyone who plays with your head and heart doesn’t make you a horrible person.

Remember: Abandoning those who don’t love you back the way they should, don’t respect you, and don’t appreciate your sacrifices is an act of self-care.

There is nothing bad in distancing yourself from their negative energy and bad vibe. In fact, it is probably the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

Let’s get one thing clear: Whoever is not treating you the way you deserve needs to be cut out as soon as possible. Whoever is taking advantage of you in any way whatsoever shouldn’t have that privilege anymore.

Now is the time to learn the importance of putting yourself first. The importance of not allowing others to have an effect on your happiness and not letting anyone who doesn’t deserve you be a part of your life.

It’s time for you to learn how to love yourself before expecting someone else to do it. To learn how to respect and appreciate yourself.

It’s right now that you have to finally realize how much you deserve, and that settling for less is not an option.

Therefore, even when this self-isolation passes, please keep on practicing social distancing. Don’t build high walls around you, but be cautious about who you give access to your heart.

Be careful who gets the entrance pass into your life. Be wary about the ones you’ll let close to you.

After all, if this lockdown has taught you anything, it’s that you don’t actually need that many people to get through rough waters. Despite what you might have thought, the truth is that you can make it by yourself just fine.

You’re capable of facing life’s difficulties without anyone holding your hand. Therefore, you certainly don’t need someone to shoot you in the foot on your path to progress.

Remember: It is always better to be alone than in bad company.