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This Is For Every Girl Who Thinks She Is Too Weak To Walk Away From A Guy Who Doesn’t Deserve Her

This Is For Every Girl Who Thinks She Is Too Weak To Walk Away From A Guy Who Doesn’t Deserve Her

Hey, you! I know you are out there and I know you found yourself in this text the moment you read the title. And that is a good step. It shows that you are very well aware that the guy you are with is not the person you need in life. It shows that you know he doesn’t deserve your love and all the sacrifices you’ve been making for him. It shows that you are very well aware that your life doesn’t look the way it should look and that it’s about time you make some changes in it.

But you are scared. You are scared of walking away. Maybe you are not aware of this fear, but deep down, you know it is more than present and real. And if someone asks you what you are scared of, the truth is that you wouldn’t know the answer. When you look at the things realistically, you know there is nothing to be afraid of. You know that you got stuck in this toxic relationship and that walking away from it is the best possible option for you. You know that this guy can’t drag you back into this relationship if you don’t allow him to do it. You know you are the only one in charge and the only one who has all the control of your own life.

But somehow, there is this fear that paralyzes you.

You are scared of this guy’s emotional blackmails and threats.

You are scared that you will miss the chance of being happy with him because you still secretly hope he is about to change and that it will never happen if you leave him now.

You are scared of being on your own and living your life without him by your side. Yes, you know that he just makes your life harder, but he is familiar to you and he represents your comfort zone. So you are scared of stepping out of this comfort zone because it is something you’ve gotten used to, despite the fact that you know everything about it is wrong.

You are scared of moving on with your life. As much as you theoretically want to move on and as much as you allegedly wait for that to finally happen, the truth is quite different. The truth is that you are holding yourself from moving on because you are not certain of your worth. This toxic man has managed to convince you that he is the best you can have in life and that no other man could love you the way he did. Well, guess what—you don’t need anyone loving you the way he loves you because this is everything but love.

But most of all, you are scared of walking away because you think you are too weak to do it. Deep down, you know that all strong women know when it’s time to walk away and you know that you should have done this a long time ago. But somehow you haven’t. Somehow, you’ve stayed stuck in one place. You’ve stayed alongside the man who makes you unhappy and you think that now it’s too late for you to make any changes.

Well, let me tell you that it is never too late to make a difference in your life. You are not too weak to make this step and the best indicators of that are that you’ve managed to put up with all this pain you’ve gone through, managed to keep your sanity and a clear mind. You are stronger than everything holding you back and stronger than everything life throws at you.

I know you probably think these are all empty phrases, but this really is the truth. You have a lot of power and strength inside of yourself and you are not aware of all of your capacities and potentials. I know it’s scary. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s natural for you to doubt yourself in situations like this.

But all I need is for you to be brave and to make the first step. Once you finally do it, you’ll see that everything will seem much easier.