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10 Incredible Traits Of ‘Intimidating’ Women

10 Incredible Traits Of ‘Intimidating’ Women

Being a strong woman is something we all want to be. Being a strong woman who knows her worth, a woman who never lets fear get the best of her. A woman who knows that it’s easier to accept the fear than to fight it, because that’s how you grow.

That’s how you move on.

That’s how you win.

A woman who knows the pain of being broken but it seems like it’s nothing to her. It seems like shaking her world to the core is something that happens to her every day.

That’s the kind of woman we all want to be. That’s the kind of woman we all want our daughters to be someday. And that’s the kind of woman who intimidates men. And here’s how:

1. She isn’t afraid to follow her heart

The thing with these women is that they know life is too short to waste it on what ifs and daydreaming about what could’ve happened if she had only followed her heart. She is not afraid of doing things her own way, because she knows that it’s far worse to wonder what could’ve been than risking it all, knowing the answer.

2. She wears what she wants

Fashion is what she wants it to be. It’s something that she feels comfortable and fierce in. She doesn’t care if it’s something that’s no longer in, she doesn’t care if it’s something everyone else wears. She wears it her own way and makes it unique simply by putting it on herself.

3. She’s her own knight in shining armor

She never acts like a scared little girl, because she knows how to handle things on her own. She fights her own battles, because life taught her how to do it. Life taught her that not everyone will always be there—the only person who always will be is herself. Men are intimidated simply because they see that she can do the same thing they’re doing, she protects herself and stands up for herself and she is perfectly fine on her own.

4. She wants honesty and consistency

She is not interested in your games, dick pics, ghosting or any form of flirtationship. She wants the real deal and she will never engage in any form of flirting or getting to know someone if she is not really and truly interested. If she wants a one-night stand, she’ll ask for it. If she wants something more, she’ll tell you. Which is why she expects the same from everyone else; honesty and consistency are the keys to her heart, not a great body and empty promises.

5. She knows what she wants

And she is not afraid to go after it. If she wants to be with someone, she will tell them right away, because it’s easier for her to fail while going after something she wanted than to wonder for the rest of her life what could’ve been. She knows that life is short, she knows that one day you’re here and the very next you’re not. Which is why she will always go after the things she wants, after people she cares about and after dreams that can make her happy.

6. She is intense

She is tough because life has been tough on her. She is the way she is not because she always had it easy but because she went through hell to get where she is now. She knows the pain of being broken, of being betrayed and being shattered into so many tiny pieces that she was terrified she would never gather them back up again.

And this is why she can be intense sometimes, this is why she can be hard to understand. But you need to know that she never does anything half-assed and if she said she cared about you, you can be sure that you got yourself a companion for life.

7. She knows her worth

She knows what she’s been through. She knows that the universe put her through hell because it knew she could handle it, it knew she was strong enough to carry the weight of it on her shoulders. And that’s why she will never let anyone make her question her worth, that’s why she will never let anyone make her wonder if she’s worthy enough. She knows she is.

8. She never puts up with anyone’s shit

You think you can just vent to her and move on? You think that you can fill her head with nothing more than empty promises and fairy tales? Think again. She is the kind of woman who knows what she wants, who knows what she needs and what she deserves. And she will never put up with any of your crap or poor excuses, no matter how much she loves you. If you’re not straightforward with her, you’re not with her at all.

9. She respects everyone and she demands respect as well

Just like she had her own fair share of shit in life, she understands that everyone else has. She will respect you if you ask for some time or space, she will respect you if you ask her for advice or simply a shoulder to cry on. And she will also respect you if you treat her like shit, she just simply won’t give you a chance to do it ever again.

If she is mature and strong enough to respect you, she expects you to do the same for her. And if you don’t know how to respect the badassery of her, she will simply let you go. Respect and honesty are the foundations of every relationship she has.

10. When she loves, she does it unconditionally

Another incredible trait of hers is that she loves unconditionally. Even if you don’t deserve it, even if you think that you don’t deserve it, she still loves you. And sometimes, the people she loves the most are the people who are worse for her. Sometimes the people she cares most about are the people she decided to let go. But it doesn’t mean she loves them any less, it just means that she loves herself a little bit more than she did yesterday.

But if you know how to love her, if you know how to respect her and treat her the way she deserves, she will give you her heart without hesitation. She will make you a part of her amazing world and it will be the best world you’ve ever had a chance to be part of.