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This Is How He’ll Try To Keep You Around, Without Committing, Based On His Zodiac

This Is How He’ll Try To Keep You Around, Without Committing, Based On His Zodiac

You know that type of guy who refuses to label your relationship, but doesn’t want to leave you alone either? That type who doesn’t want to make things official, but also refuses to give up on you altogether?

The type of guy who tries his best to keep you around, without committing? Well, this is exactly how he does it, according to his zodiac sign.


The way an Aries man will keep you by his side, without ever making any real promises, is by making sure you never forget about him. The moment he starts noticing that he’s vanishing from your memory, he’ll be right there to text you something to remind you of the two of you, and right there to bring discomfort back into your life.


A Taurus is a type of guy who, when you first meet him, seems too good to be true. He’ll always be charming and make sure to meet all of your needs and desires while you’re around him.

However, as soon as you two part ways, he starts acting like he never met you.


If your guy is a Gemini, what you need to be careful of is the friendzone he’ll try hard to drag you into. This man will act as your BFF, despite knowing that you want more and are interested in him romantically.


A Cancer man will always play the sensitivity and vulnerability card. Every time you try to walk away from him, because you’ve had enough of him not wanting to commit, he makes up a problem that only you can resolve.

This man makes you think he couldn’t make it without you and counts on this as your weak spot.


Contrary to Cancer, a Leo will do exactly the opposite – he will make sure you think you need him. This guy will be at your service, doing little errands for you and acting like the man of the house.

Nevertheless, the moment you start talking about commitment is the same moment he backs out. Mind you, he won’t be the one to call you first.

Instead, he’ll patiently wait for you to realize for yourself that you’re dependent on him. As soon as you ask for his help, he’ll be right there to assist you and drag you back in his circle of manipulation.


A Virgo man is not usually a sign who runs away from commitment. However, when he does, you’ll never know where you stand with this guy.

He won’t tell you that you two aren’t official, but he’ll do everything in his power for you to get the message on your own.


The catch with this man is that he will call you his official girlfriend, but he’ll never treat you that way. A Libra guy will only commit to you in theory, but his actions will rarely live up to his words.

Even though he gives you the title, you’ll never feel like his real life partner.


When a Scorpio man doesn’t want to commit, he turns the relationship into an NSA one. Before you know it, you become this guy’s booty call.

The worst part is that you refuse to admit to yourself that he is only using you for sex, despite knowing that to be the truth. Instead, you keep on hoping that he’ll come to his senses and start loving your entire being.


A Sags keeps you around by opening up to you. He makes you believe that he is emotionally unavailable and that you’re the only girl he can show his true self to.

Of course, he needs time to overcome his brokenness and who better to help him do that than you?


When it comes to Capricorn men, they are very open about the status of your relationship. In fact, this guy doesn’t even try fooling you that you’re the only girl in his life.

However, he convinces you that you’re special – the only one he cares for and the one who stands out from all the other women surrounding him.


The way an Aquarius keeps you around, without wanting to commit, is through mixed signals. You waste so much of your time trying to get to the bottom of this guy that you end up falling for him harder than ever.

And the worst part is that you can’t blame him for heating your emotions because, let’s face it, he hasn’t done anything concrete to lead you on.


A Pisces man will try to keep you in his life with great romantic gestures. Every time you send this guy to hell for not giving you the place you deserve in his life, he shows up at your doorstep with flowers, writes you a poem, or does something extraordinary just so you forget about your demands and take him back.