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This Is How You Open Up To Love After Being Emotionally Damaged

This Is How You Open Up To Love After Being Emotionally Damaged

Have you ever gone through a painful break up which also broke you to pieces ? Have you ever been with someone who crippled you emotionally?

With someone whose actions left deep scars on your heart and on your mental health?

If you have, I am sure you are convinced that right now, you don’t want to be in another relationship ever again.

You’ve lost all your faith in love, and all you want to do is to recover in the best possible way from everything that has happened to you.

All you want is to heal your shattered heart and to give up on dating, relationships and love for good.

I know that all you want to do now is shut love completely out of your life. You think that the only way to protect your heart is to act completely heartless.

That the only way of protecting yourself is to build bulletproof armor around your wounded heart which will keep all the potential pain away.

But before you decide to do this, be aware that love always deserves a second chance.

You need to understand that just because one person disappointed you, it doesn’t mean that you should be disappointed in love all together.

You need to understand that not all men are the same. You need to understand that letting go of the possibility of ever finding love again is the last thing you ought to do.

Instead, you should let go of the pain and of the person who caused you this pain.

Instead of allowing everything that happened consume you, take it as a tough lesson. What did your heartbreak teach you?

Did it show you what true love isn’t? Did it teach you when it’s time to walk away?

Did it teach you to put yourself first and to love yourself more? Did it teach you about the mistakes you should never repeat?

Instead of allowing yourself to be stuck on the pain, learn from it. Instead of allowing pain to define you, think of it as a valuable experience.

Think of it as something that made you become the person you are today. Think of it as a part of your past, and leave it right there, where it belongs.

Instead of allowing your pain to crush you, rise from the ashes of your broken heart. Don’t think of yourself as weak for being hurt.

Remember that you are just a human being and see this is a test of your strength.

Loving again and opening your heart to love after you’ve suffered severe emotional damage is the most courageous thing you’ll ever have to do.

It is a battle you have to fight with your inner daemons, with your past, with all of your pain, and a battle you have to fight with yourself.

And it is a battle you’ll have to win. Because if you don’t, it means that the other person got exactly what they wanted.

It means that they’ve managed to break you along with your heart. That their mission is completed because they’ve managed to scar you for life.

Giving in to resentment and bitterness means that the other person won because you’ve become just like them.

It means that they’ve convinced you that there is no such thing as true love and that you’ll always hold on to them in one way or another.

It means that they’ve convinced you that the way they hurt you made you unlovable for others, too . And that is a satisfaction you shouldn’t give them.

Opening up to love is a battle you will win if you just put a little more faith in yourself.

Remember that everything always happens for a reason, and that the Universe has bigger plans for you. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but please, don’t give up just yet.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not here to promise you that things will always turn out to your benefit in the future.

I am not here to lie you that you’ll never have your heart broken again.

The truth is that love was and always will be risky. But it definitely deserves a shot, and it is definitely worth taking the risk.

Because it is the only way for you to actually live your life, instead of just surviving it.