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This Is How You’ll Know That He’s The One

This Is How You’ll Know That He’s The One

You are struggling, right? You’ve been broken too many times and you are now careful about your choices because they might lead to a broken heart again and you’ve had enough of those. You’ve had enough of crying and your heart is still aching from the last time you were betrayed and you started looking at men as heartbreakers and nothing else.

The thing is that at one point in your life you’ll meet someone who will turn your world upside down. You won’t believe what’s happening but how do you know that he’s The One for you?

Well, it’s easy. He’ll put you first. You will be his biggest priority ever and there will be nothing more important than you. He will love you, he will cherish you and he will always have time for you. Even if he has something planned, if you’re sick he’ll come to you to be there for you.

He will never make you feel unwanted. Not like the last bastard who made you believe that you were hard to love. Your new man will show you that he can’t live without you by his side and he’ll do anything that’s needed to make you stay. There will be no second-guessing, no games, just love and fulfillment.

He will never take you for granted. The biggest mistake people make in relationships is that they start taking each other for granted but that’s not the case with him. He will appreciate your efforts and your existence. He knows how to say ‘thank you’ and to take part in your relationship to the point where you’ll be overwhelmed—you’ve never seen this before.

He will put your broken pieces back together. He will make you forget that you were ever broken. I mean, you can only heal with a lot of love and appreciation and you’ll get that from him.

He will make you see why everything happened the way it did. Your exes are lessons that showed you what love is not. That’s why here’s he comes, with all the love in this world burning inside of him, ready to give it all to you. Those men before him gave you reasons to be more careful, careful enough to not let anyone else but him be in your life. He will make you forget your heart was ever broken.

He will respect you. He will respect you and all your decisions, never doubting you. You will know that you’re appreciated every time he asks for your opinion and every time he lets you be by yourself because you asked him for it. He will respect your boundaries and he will never make you do things that you don’t want to do.

He will never touch you without your permission. I don’t know why but men think that they are entitled to a woman’s body, while we don’t have a say in this. It’s always the case unless you’re talking to the right one. The right man who will treat you like your body is just a part of you, he will look way beyond that and see the person you really are.

You will never hear him raise his voice at you. He knows how scary it is for you to go through that trauma, that’s why he wants to make you feel safe and sound. He will never raise his hand against you because that would make him a coward. Only a real man knows how to treat a woman right and that’s exactly what he is: a real man.

He will listen to you and remember everything you said. From the beginning until the end. Because he listens to you. Because he cares. Because he wants to know everything about you. He’s not ignorant, he’s not selfish. He listens actively and you’ll find that it’s the most important thing in a relationship. It means that you are present and that you care about someone enough to let them be heard.

He will never make you cry. Even if you do cry, he’ll kiss the tracks of your tears down your cheek to never make you feel like your tears are a sign of weakness, because they are not. They are a sign that you’re human. That’s why he’ll do everything that’s in his power to make you feel whole and complete and to never doubt him, yourself or your relationship.

If you were wondering, this man really exists. You haven’t had the opportunity to meet anyone like him before because those men were borderline assholes who weren’t able to see you for the blessing you truly are. But be patient. Nothing comes overnight. Just be yourself and know that with that, you will attract him in no time.