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This Is The Harsh Reality Of Being A Woman Who’s Afraid To Fall In Love

This Is The Harsh Reality Of Being A Woman Who’s Afraid To Fall In Love

She walks around with a glistening smile on her face, and she carries herself with such grace and poise.

She is always the first one to check on everyone and the one who is going to stick around when comfort is needed.

When you look at her, you wouldn’t guess there’s a single worry on her mind. She radiates positivity, and her energy is infectious.

But what you don’t see is the pain she hides within that she so carefully masks with her overwhelming kindness and consideration towards others.

She hasn’t always been like this.

She used to be so open towards love, and the cynic that is inside her now didn’t exist back then.

Things used to be a lot different for her, but experience has taught her otherwise.

She used to love falling in love.

She used to love those first stages of love during which she was always on her toes, and things were exciting and new.

She used to love being swept off her feet and falling in love more and more with each passing day.

But that has changed now.

Her openness and willingness to give more chances than people deserved have made her guard go all the way up.

Now, she doesn’t let just anyone in.

Now, after having experienced so much excruciating pain and heartbreak and picking herself up more times than she should have, she is careful and picky about who she lets in.

Now, when she passes you by… you won’t see that glistening smile anymore.

Instead, there’s a dose of self-confidence but the guarded kind.

She is still as kind as it gets, and she would still be there in the blink of an eye should you need her.

The only difference is that now, she doesn’t allow access to her heart as generously as she did back then.

Now, you will notice that she is doing her best to keep herself composed, happy and self-assured, but all she wants is for somebody to come and break those barriers around her heart, one by one.

She wants somebody to finally prove to her that he’s not like the rest.

Somebody who won’t promise her the moon and the stars, make her let down her guard and win her heart, only to leave without a trace and leave her broken all over again.

Let me tell you… with each heartbreak and each new disappointment, this girl is losing a bit of herself.

She can’t help but wonder what it is about her that makes men enter her life and then leave just when she starts letting herself feel.

See, she doesn’t know that it’s not her.

She keeps telling herself that there’s something profoundly wrong with her. If there wasn’t, wouldn’t she be happy by now?

Wouldn’t there be a man by her side holding her hand and kissing her cheek?

This fear inside her just won’t let up.

Every time she musters the courage and gives another man a chance, he seems to be exactly the reason she shields herself from love in the first place.

So how is she supposed to regain her faith in love and let herself feel it immensely and profoundly as everyone around her does?

She is scared, and she is lonely.

But she is too amazing and too giving to spend her days in the solitude of her own company.

She deserves so much more than what she lets herself feel.

She deserves that all-encompassing type of love that will make her feel alive with every fiber of her being.

She deserves to find somebody as selfless and kind as she is to show her it doesn’t have to be like that.

She deserves to be proven wrong. She just doesn’t see it yet.

So when you run into a girl like this, please be considerate of her feelings. Be kind to her.

Show her kindness, compassion, and love the same way she does to everyone else.

Make her fall in love with love again!

Because if you manage to do that, you’re halfway there.

She just needs some consistency and effort back in her life, and once she experiences it, there is no telling just how much she is capable of giving.

After all, she is a one of a kind.

Make her feel like that again, and she will slowly give herself all in and learn to let go of that fear that is holding her back.

She will be everything you’ve ever hoped for and more.

Prove to her she’s worthy of love, and I promise you – you’ll never regret it!