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This Is What You Need In A Relationship, Based On Your Enneagram Type

This Is What You Need In A Relationship, Based On Your Enneagram Type

What Is An Enneagram Type?

The word enneagram consists of the words ennea (nine) and gram (diagram).

Basically, this personality system divides all people into nine groups, according to the personality type they belong to.

You can take a test which shows you what type you are, based on the way you think and act in certain situations and based on your fears, hopes and emotions.

The Reformer

You’re extremely critical and think that there is always room for improvement.

You’re a perfectionist and pay close attention to details but your inability to make everything and everyone around you absolutely flawless brings you many headaches.

So, instead of looking for a partner who will nod their head to every word you say and who will push you even further in your chase of perfection, you actually need someone completely different.

You need a person who will help you relax and give yourself a break—someone who isn’t as obsessed with rules as you are and someone who will teach you how to loosen up from time to time.

The Helper

Your biggest quality is your ability to walk in other people’s shoes.

You’re always full of understanding, compassion and empathy, which makes you a romantic partner almost everyone wants.

You put all of your efforts into helping your partner become the best possible version of himself and you make it your life’s mission to save him from all possible troubles and inconveniences he might run into. 

Therefore, what you need is not someone you have to parent.

What you need is a self-sufficient and independent person who will take care of you the same way you take care of them.

You need someone who has their life all figured out and someone who will be your equal in a relationship, who watches out for immature people who look for guidance and who are in search of someone to give their life purpose.

The Performer

Your goals and ambitions are the most important things in your life.

You’re probably obsessed with your career and in the constant pursuit of improvement. 

Nevertheless, your biggest problem is your constant need of the approval and admiration of others.

You are a people pleaser and have a desire to be liked by everyone, which is, of course, utterly impossible.

So, instead of looking for a partner who will praise you and kiss your ass all the time, focus on the people who remind you that you’re only human.

Stick to the one who helps you see that failure is not a big deal and the one who loves you the same at your best and at your worst.

The Romantic

You follow your heart wherever it takes you and you’re a hopeless romantic.

You let your feelings lead you through life and there is not much room for matters of the mind there.

Therefore, who you need is a partner who understands your sensitive side but doesn’t let you lose touch with the real world either.

Someone who won’t try to change you in order for you to fit some modern dating standards but also a person who will have the capacity to be your reality checker.

The Observer

If you belong to this enneagram type, you don’t miss anything going on around you.

You have an incredible ability to notice every little thing surrounding you and you’re a certified overthinker.

So, you need a person who will force you to get out of your mind.

Someone to drag you out of your habit to overanalyze every detail and someone to inspire you to take some concrete action instead of just making plans about it.

The Loyal Skeptic

When it comes to you, you use your intuition to read people.

You rely on your gut when it comes to making life choices and in determining whether someone deserves your love and attention.

Also, you question everything and everyone. You have a lot of self-doubt, which makes you extra careful and sometimes a skeptic.

Therefore, the last thing you need is a person who will support or feed your fears. Instead, the right person for you is the one who manages to persuade you to put yourself out there and someone who shows you that emotional risks are what make life worth living.

The Enthusiast

You’re optimistic, spontaneous and have a positive outlook on life.

Even when you’re going through the worst-case scenario, you hope to get out of it unharmed and always look for the positive.

Your attention quickly shifts from one thing to another and you possess incredible energy so you can be simultaneously active in more than one life skill.

Your final goal in life is to enjoy every breath you take and to have fun while doing so.

However, you need a person who will make you grow up, despite your ambitions to forever remain a child.

Someone to face you with the fact that life is not always a bed of roses and that sometimes, you simply need to deal with your problems instead of running away from them.

You need a person who will teach you that negative emotions are also a part of human experience and that there is no need to suppress them.

The Protector

Your alpha personality makes you a born leader.

You’re there to fix everyone’s problems, to have your shit together at all times, to take responsibility and to always be in charge.

Despite what you might think, the last thing you need is a person who will lie back relaxing while you go out there and save the world.

You don’t someone who will rely on your inner strength—you need someone to make you understand that there is nothing wrong with being weak from time to time.

You need a person whom you can trust enough to show your vulnerable sides without a fear of being used. Someone to protect you and take care of you for a change.

The Mediator

Harmony and peace are the most important things for you. You despise conflict and drama and you’re ready to do whatever it takes just to prevent them from happening.

That is exactly why you need a romantic partner who will challenge all of your world views and attitudes.

You need a person who will show you that it is OK to speak your mind, without a fear of insulting someone and most importantly—someone to show you that conflicts and arguments can be productive and beneficial.