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This Is Why It’s So Hard To Win You Over, According To Your Zodiac

This Is Why It’s So Hard To Win You Over, According To Your Zodiac

What is the one quality which makes you appear hard to get? Why do people of the opposite sex think they don’t stand a chance with you and that they can’t have you, no matter how much they try?

The answers to these questions are hidden in the stars, and we are here to tell you exactly why it’s so difficult to win you over, based on your zodiac sign.


You are a spontaneous and outgoing person who is always looking for exciting, new people to meet and new things to try out.

You aren’t ready to settle down next to a boring partner who will make you slow down because you want to take whatever life gives you.

When someone is into you, they simply don’t have the energy to keep up with your pace, as much as they try to.

Besides, you aren’t patient enough to wait for someone to make up their mind about you or to get the courage to take the first step.

You know what you want, and you are not afraid to take it. Naturally, you want a person of action by your side, and everyone else can forget about ever having you.


If you belong to this sign, people consider you to be a closed and guarded person. The truth is that you are hard to get to know and that you don’t open up to anyone easily.

While you might worry that this characteristic of yours chases everyone away, the truth is that the people who are worthy of you will put in an effort to tear down your emotional walls and to earn your trust. And those are the only ones who matter.


You are not so hard to win over as much as it’s difficult to keep you around.

If you belong to this Zodiac sign, you enjoy meeting new people, and you like the chase more than actually being in a relationship.

Once you explore someone’s mind and once the honeymoon phase is over, you often lose interest in your partner, and you move on to your next target.

If someone wants to stick around you, they have to challenge you all the time, and they can never allow you to get tired of them.


Cancers are champions of overthinking. Even though you are someone who wears your heart on your sleeve, the truth is that you are always anxious about whether the object of your affection loves you back or is just playing you.

Therefore, if someone wants to win you over, they’ll have to try hard to prove that they won’t take advantage of your soft heart.

But once you see that this person is the one for you, you’ll let them in completely, without holding yourself back.


Leos are considered to be full of themselves. Even though this is not always the case, the truth is that you won’t allow just anyone to see your weaknesses, insecurities and vulnerable sides.

The moment you see that the other person is about to get to know the real you, you have the impulse to run away as fast as you can because you are scared that they’ll see your flaws which will chase them away.

But the next time this happens, just remember that you are also human and that nobody expects you to be perfect.


You are not into displaying affection. Even if you love someone deeply, you’ll always have a hard time showing them your true emotions, which can make them feel unwanted and not loved enough.

Virgos are not romantic people, and sometimes, this makes their partner feel emotionally neglected. Of course, this leaves the other person wondering if you are really into them or if they are the ones who love more.


If you belong to this Zodiac sign, you are the champion of the friend zone.

But the truth is that you behave like this because you like to get to know your potential partner as much as possible before getting yourself involved in a romantic relationship, and you need some time to let a new person in.

All of this makes your potential romantic partners feel insecure because they never know where they stand with you


When someone wants to win you over, they’ll have to be patient enough to uncover each layer of your personality one by one. At first glance, you appear to be tough and unapproachable and that usually scares your potential partner away.

But the truth is quite different. Once they prove to you that they are trustworthy, you’ll give them access to depths of your being, and you’ll give them the love they’ve never experienced.


Sagittarians run away from negativity and like to be surrounded with people who send them a good vibe and are full of positive energy.

As soon as you see that someone is overly pessimistic, you don’t want them to be around you. That means that you never make room for toxic people.

But the ones who can make you laugh at any moment and who try to see the brighter side of everything are the only ones who can win you over. You need someone who will push you forward, instead of bringing you down.


If you belong to this Zodiac sign, your privacy and reputation are two of the most important things for you. You don’t want to be with someone who will share every little detail of your relationship with the rest of the world.

When a person wants to win you over, they’ll have to earn your trust and respect before anything, and they have to show you that you won’t be embarrassed by having them as your other half.

Besides, you are not into modern dating. You despise one-night-stands and NSA relationships, and this is not something you’ll agree upon, no matter how much you like the other person.


People born under this Zodiac sign just can’t commit. Even though you are loyal and not prone to cheating, the idea of promising yourself to just one person for the rest of your life scares you.

And this is exactly what makes you hard to get. No matter what your partner tries, they always feel like you haven’t given them your entire self.


A Pisces doesn’t need a romantic partner to feel good about themselves. You are more than comfortable being single, and you don’t need anyone to give your life some meaning or to complete you.

At first, your independence attracts the other sex, but the fact that you are self-sufficient usually intimidates them, as well.