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This Is Why Loyalty Is So Important In A Relationship

This Is Why Loyalty Is So Important In A Relationship

Loyalty has become something like a luxury. People are in open relationships where they agree to sleep around with other people, forcing their partners to be OK with it. No one truly understands what loyalty is really about because it’s more than not sleeping around. Loyalty is a sacred part of the relationship. Loyalty gives you the complete ability to be yourself because you can trust your partner to be there for you because he loves the real you.

Why is loyalty important? Why can’t people just go around texting whoever they want, sleeping around and never committing to one person fully?

I have a story about a man who didn’t know that he would destroy me with his games and his constant need for reassurance and attention from other women.

I have always been a serious monogamist. If I fall in love with you, it’s all or nothing and it can’t be anyone else in my life but you. But what he did to me was unbelievable. Of course I sat him down to talk with him about how loyalty really is important to me and that I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t take me seriously.

I saw the way he would look at other girls, always telling me that it was nothing serious and that the problem was that I was too sensitive. In his eyes, I was nothing more than a woman with low self-esteem, never thinking that I would just want him to show me that he respects me enough to actually let go of flirting and micro-cheating.

The days passed and nothing changed. I, as someone who really did love herself and would always respect my own wants and needs, started to doubt the thoughts that were going through my head. I started to believe that I was paranoid and that my mind wasn’t open enough for this modern type of dating.

I really did start to think that it was nothing. I wanted him to stay in my life because I loved him and I wanted our love to be free. But from that day on, he would never sleep by my side again.

Talking about this hurts me like crazy. Just imagine how I have must felt. I thought of myself as stupid because I wasn’t able to express my needs in a way to keep everyone who doesn’t want to follow them out of my life. I decided not to let my standards down for a man, ever again.

If you want to be with me, you have to be loyal and show me that you only want me in your life. If for some reason loyalty isn’t that important to you, than move on. Don’t even start flirting with me. Don’t call me on dates. Bye.

I know that this may seem extreme, but the importance of loyalty is seen in the aftermath that remains after the person has left you for another woman. The pain that remains afterwards, the self-doubt and the constant thoughts that keep on telling that you are not enough and that you can’t be loved the way you are, simply make me believe that there is nothing that can break a woman more than a cheating man.

The importance of loyalty is seen in the way I am not able to trust anyone again. When a man tells me that he loves me and wants me, I can only hear the words of a cheater. Every time a man is nice to me, I imagine his girlfriend, waiting for him to come home.

You see, that’s why loyalty is so important.

You have to know what you’re doing to the person you’re cheating on! They will ask themselves for the rest of their lives why weren’t they good enough for you and what could they have done better to make you happy and to make you love them more.

Don’t ever cheat on your partner. Loyalty really is the most important quality a person can have. Loving a cheater breaks you like nothing else.