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This Is Why The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Teachers

This Is Why The Happiest Men End Up Marrying Teachers

I always heard stories that only special people can be teachers, but I could never understand why.

I thought every person could do that job if they wanted it. But through my high school, I realized that being a teacher is not as easy as people think.

It is so much more than just a job because if you are a teacher, you will take your work home, and you will stress over all those things that you couldn’t handle in school.

You will have sensitive students who will need some extra help and attention, and yet, you will know that no matter how much you would love to help them all, there is the only one you and 30 of them.

So, you are always trying to go the extra mile for your students because your job is not to just give them grades and teach them Math.

It is so much more than that. It is teaching and preparing them for real life.

Being a teacher means molding young people into high-quality individuals who will work on changing and improving the world with their knowledge.

It means embedding some human qualities in them and teaching them how to be patient, loving, caring, empathetic and kind.

It means giving your best for every generation that will come. It means never to stop trying to improve their lives.

With a kind word, with only one look, with understanding and compassion.

Being a teacher means so much more than going to classes and returning home after the class.

When you are a teacher, your classes never stop. And even in your free time, you are trying to make a good system for your students because you love them and because you want to be the change you want to see in the world.

So, I am telling you, teachers are the best people that exist, just because they sacrifice themselves so others will feel better.

And if you are lucky enough to date or marry a teacher, you are one lucky motherfucker!

Marrying a teacher is better than making your dreams come true because if you marry one, they will make all your dreams come true.

They will make you love them so much, and you will get addicted to them in the blink of an eye.

You wanna know how? Keep reading!

Teachers are empathetic.

You should know that they are highly sensitive to other people’s problems and that they will always try to handle them in the best possible way.

They spend their whole lives with different students with different needs, and they’ve learned how to help others and to actually see what bothers them without asking them in the first place.

And just like they feel strong empathy toward their students, they will feel it toward you.

They will be with you in your worst moments, telling you that things are easier to handle when you have someone to support you.

They will do anything they can to make you feel better.

And what is most important—they will never stop trying.

Teachers have positive energy.

When you are surrounded by 30 students who are always hyped up because of the new stuff in their lives, it is normal that they will transfer those emotions to their teachers.

So, don’t act surprised if your partner comes home from school all happy and pleased. He spent some time with kids who taught him something he couldn’t teach them.

They taught him to be happy and never give up in front of the problems.

That means that your partner will handle every problem like it is just a tough math equation that can be solved with some time and patience.

And their positive energy will make you feel better no matter how your day was bad.

Teachers are patient.

Yes, if you are married to a teacher, they will be very patient with you. They will understand your bad days, and they will always try to solve problems with conversation.

They’ve learned that they have to be patient in a classroom full of students where every one of them asks questions and has some problems.

They’ve learned that the only way to endure all the bad situations life puts in front of them is to be patient, calm, cool and collected.

And they will behave like that in their private lives, helping you to learn to be patient especially with the things you can’t affect.

They will teach you to always have the peace within and to not let things upset you.

Teachers have big hearts.

And when I say big, I mean really big hearts full of love for every child that comes into their lives.

They sacrifice their free time to think of some fun games for their students that can help them learn better.

They always put other people first, and they always come last in their own lives. They have the urge to protect everyone in their lives, and they will behave like that with you as well.

They will never let anything bad happen to you, and they will sacrifice their happiness if that will make you happy. They don’t sweat the small stuff, and they really enjoy their jobs.

Their big hearts beat for every success their students make, and they are proud of every one of them.

And to be honest they can’t behave differently with you. That is just their lifestyle, and they are happy to be helpful to people who are important to them.

Teachers are fun and easygoing.

If you are married to a teacher, you should know that all the time you spend with them will be full of laughter and positive energy.

They learned to be fun among kids, and they project the same behavior at home.

They can entertain you with some witty things their students tell them during classes and in that way, they can learn something.

They are easy-going people, and they can feel deeply. So you don’t have to pretend that you are someone you are not in front of them.

You can just be the real you and relax because they won’t mind anything about you.

They have clean and pure hearts, and they value it when people show their real faces in front of them.

Teachers are great parents.

If you spend your whole day among kids and young adults, it is normal that you will be able to understand their problems and the way they feel without even asking them if they are fine.

Since they have extremely strong bonds with the kids at work, they will have it with their kids as well.

They will be full of understanding for teenager’s problems, for first loves and disappointments and for all those wicked things kids do when they don’t have life experience.

They will always connect with their kids on a higher emotional level and show them that they will always be there for them.

In that way, their kids will trust them and will ask them for help whenever they need it.

They won’t talk to strangers, but they will rather come to their parents and totally open up to them.

Teachers are kind and caring.

If you marry a teacher, just know that you are so lucky because you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with a person who always puts others first.

You are marrying a person who will be your biggest fan, your best friend and your human diary.

They will always go the extra mile for you because the fire in your eyes when you are happy will warm their hearts. They care deeply and have a sense for other people’s problems.

And they will behave in the same way to always make sure that they don’t hurt you in any way.

They are kind in relationships because they know that a kind word can open even a steel door and that even if there are problems, if you have a nice approach, it will be easier to solve them.

They love all good people, so don’t worry that you will have a lack of love with them.

Teachers are simply rock stars!

If you have someone who is loving, caring, selfless, emotional, empathetic, workaholic and passionate, it is better than having all the money in the world.

That person will always make you feel special, even on your worst days. They will support you to improve your life and to become the best version of yourself.

They will never give up on you because of some bumps in the road, and they will always, but always keep trying.

A person like that is truly special and one of a kind, and you should be so thankful to have them in your life.

And remember, when you marry a teacher, you will always have someone who will teach you to not just enjoy life but to love wholeheartedly as well.