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This Is Why You Lost Her

This Is Why You Lost Her

You didn’t think things through. You were careless.

You foolishly took her for granted. Her—the best thing you’ve ever had.

You made her feel left out. Like she wasn’t even involved in your relationship. You were selfish, and you didn’t even realize it. Instead of being a team, you decided it’s going to be a one-man show.

That’s what drove her away.

She suffered for a long time. She retreated into her own mind, dwelling in her own enormous pain.

She even probably wanted to leave you, but she felt sorry for you. She kept hoping you will realize what you are doing wrong and change—but you didn’t.

You kept on dancing on your own on the dance floor of your life, while she was sitting aside all by herself—watching you.

You lost her because you didn’t commit to her completely.

You knew you had her. You knew she was around. She was your safety net. You didn’t commit to her all the way because you didn’t appreciate her enough.

All those times you had to make a choice—she or something or someone else—you picked the other option. To you, she was a backup plan.

You lost her because you didn’t understand her.

She is not like everybody else—and you are. It was impossible for you to get her. It was impossible for you to understand what was going on inside her head. She was always one step ahead of you.

But yet, she never made you aware of that. That’s how much she loved you. You took a shot of being with her and so easily gambled it away.

You lost her because you didn’t trust her.

Maybe you didn’t trust her because you were threatened by her. Maybe somewhere deep inside you knew she was better than what you deserve, so you paid her back with suspicion and questioning her motives for loving you. It was really bold of you to do that. I admire how shamelessly hypocritical you were.

You lost her because you didn’t see her for who she really is.

You didn’t recognize that special something she keeps hidden inside. You didn’t understand it because she never bragged about it. That’s the way she is.

She is humble, and she always puts others before herself because she knows she will manage anyway. You missed out on that—you should be ashamed of being a ‘blind’ man.

You lost her because you didn’t listen to her.

Her words never found their way to your heart and mind. You looked like you were listening but you never were. That’s why you lost her.

You lost her because you didn’t realize her value.

If things were the other way around, how would you feel? How would you feel if you were giving everything and getting nothing in return?

You would feel like crap—like she does.

She is a girl who will always give all she’s got, but you and those like you take her for granted. She then becomes the victim of her own kindness.