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6 Signs You Are Falling Out Of Love

6 Signs You Are Falling Out Of Love

Giving in to a relationship is hard. But giving up on one is even harder. It’s unimaginable to think that the person that was once our whole world is now as annoying to us as a pebble in a shoe.

Everything our partner does is getting on our nerves. We are feeling trapped and there are times when we just want to run away. Anywhere and nowhere, it doesn’t really matter. Just run away.

Those are signs that we are falling out of love and sometimes we mistake them with being overstressed or having some troubles in our work or in our lives, but by doing so, we only prolong the suffering—both ours and the person we are in a relationship with.

While it’s completely up to you to decide what to do with these signs, whether you are going to give your relationship another chance, take a break or completely break it off, it’s up to us to give you the list of the six most common and scientifically proven signs that you are falling out of love.

1. His imperfections are starting to stand out

They say that you know your love is real when you love them for their flaws, not despite them. You love all of their quirks and those quirks could even be a reason why you fell so madly and deeply in love with them in the first place.

But the moment these quirks start annoying you is the moment you need to stop for a second and look at your relationship and feelings.

The hardest thing to do is to look inside yourself and see if there is any love left, but you owe it to your partner and you owe it to yourself. Leading someone on is the worst thing you can do to yourself and to that person.

Are the quirks of your partner the reason why you can’t be around them anymore? Or is there something deeper than that?

2. You are no longer interested in being intimate

Sometimes we feel like we can’t get our hands off of our partners and sometimes we don’t feel like even looking at them. Ups and downs in our sex lives are completely normal because life is tough, life is stressful and it all affects our libido.

But if you can’t even force yourself to look at your partner or you’re already running out of excuses why not to have sex with him, there could be something more than just stress draining you.

3. You are thinking about being alone more and more

When you think about your future and any of your future plans, your partner is not part of them. When you are thinking about possibilities where you could be happy in the future, your partner is not by your side. That is the biggest sign that you’ve fallen out of love.

The next one is you developing a wandering eye or even picturing yourself with someone else. You may feel guilty about it, you may even try to suppress all of it because you are telling yourself that you love your partner.

But are you really? Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something you don’t want to admit.

4. Your priorities change

When you are in a relationship, your relationship is your focus. Your relationship is your priority. But when you start falling out of love, you stop putting your relationship first. The first thought in the morning is not your partner, but your work, your freedom, yourself.

Your last thought of the day is not your relationship. It’s your daydreaming about your future but without your partner. The moment you stop making your relationship a priority is the moment that relationship is doomed.

5. Your communication is no longer on point

Every functional and healthy relationship is built upon communication. It’s important to create a bond between you and to nourish your love, but what if your communication is not what it used to be?

What if your conversations are completely on auto pilot, always the same things and always the same small talk? In that case, you lost connection by losing communication.

You can either work on it together or see if there are any more signs from the list that are unfortunately screaming you don’t belong together.

6. You feel trapped

You feel like running away all the time. You feel like there is not enough oxygen around your partner. You feel like if your partner hugs you one more time you will die in his or her arms—your freedom will die.

For too long, I thought that there was something wrong with me because in every single relationship, I felt trapped. In every single relationship, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like I couldn’t dream, like there would be no tomorrow if I didn’t leave.

But all it took for me to feel free in a relationship was the right person. And the same will happen to you. Just please don’t force yourself to stay with someone who makes you unhappy, to stay in a relationship where you feel trapped. You deserve way more than that.