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This Is Why Your Relationship Fails Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Why Your Relationship Fails Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You are straight to the bone, and you always do things by your feelings. In many situations, you react impulsively, but in the end, you realize that you should have done things in a different way.

That is what your partner doesn’t like about you, but you simply can’t change.

You are extremely tough when you feel threatened in a relationship, and you do always do things that you regret later.

And when your partners have had enough of that kind of behavior, they decide to leave.

This behavior is good in some situations, but in your love life, you should have more compassion for your loved one, and that is the reason your romantic relationship fails.


Your main problem is that you need so much time to open up to someone, but, on the other hand, you want them to open up to you.

You tend to keep your personal things to you only, and you rarely share them with your partner.

You are very sensitive about money, and that is why most of your relationships fall apart. It is okay if your partner pays for things, but when it is your turn, you would like to share the bill.

You need to learn to trust your partner more and not think that they will take away all you have.


You have so much luck in your life, but the main problem is that you don’t know how to enjoy it.

You are pretty indecisive about the things you want to do. When things go well in your relationship, you freak out, and you think your partner will propose to you right away.

You think you won’t be able to enjoy life once you commit, and you ruin good relationships over things that are not so important.

You think that there will always be a special man who will wait for you, so you let go of all the good guys and end up with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.


When you love, you suffocate and analyze things. Over and over again. And you don’t know to stop.

You give yourself so much in a relationship that it can sometimes be too much for your partner.

When you fall for someone, you become totally obsessed with them, and you don’t know how to stop it.

You want to know where they are and who they are with, every second.

And that is what scares most of your partners, so they decide to leave you. They think that you will get even worse if they marry you, so they don’t want to risk it.


Since you are king of the jungle, you want to be in the spotlight all the time. You don’t care about your partner’s wishes so much.

Instead, you think about your needs and feelings.

You want your partner to give you their full attention, but you don’t think about reciprocating in the same way. And that is always the main problem in love relationships.

You think more about yourself than about your partner, and that is not good in the long run.

That is why all your relationships fall apart and the main reason you can’t get the love you crave.


Your main problem is that you always want to fix things, even when they are not broken.

The catch is that by your nature you are a big perfectionist, and the things that are quite good for others need some improvement for you.

You do the exact the same thing in a relationship, and that’s why all your partners run away from you.

Nobody wants to be changed and molded into someone you could fall in love with.

You don’t know when to stop criticizing, and all your romantic partners decide to leave you while it is not too late.


You simply love to be in a relationship! It is something that fulfills you and makes you feel good about yourself.

You like to spoil your partner, but in all that fuss, you often forget about your feelings and your wishes.

Your main problem is that you always strive to satisfy your man, but you neglect your wishes.

You bottle up your emotions, and you think they will pass if you don’t talk about them. But in most cases, you explode because of an insignificant trigger, and everything falls apart.

That’s why it would be better to talk about problems as soon as they pop up and to be open about everything.


When you fall in love, you get so worried that your partner will make a fool out of you, so you do things that are not a smart choice every time.

Because of a great wish to keep your partners in your life, you push them to the ends of their limits.

You get obsessed and paranoid that they will cheat on you. You don’t enjoy the love you have.

Instead, you think about the things that will happen in the future. And because of that, your partners always leave you and don’t want to have to do anything with you.

If you could just loosen up a bit, everything would be much different.


You have a free spirit and because of that, every love relationship you start finishes because you can’t commit. Your freedom is what you love the most, and you don’t want to lose it for anyone.

That’s why you can’t provide your partners with what they need, and you simply can’t be happy.

The best choice for you would be to find someone who is open-minded like you and to have an open relationship with them.

Maybe it would only function in that way.


Your main problem is that you think people will hurt you no matter what you do, and that’s why you don’t let anyone get to your heart.

You always build walls so high that your partners don’t know how to reach out to you. And that is what bothers them in the whole process.

Nobody wants to make an effort for someone who even doesn’t want a relationship. Some of them try with you, but as soon as they see that you don’t open up, they give up on you.

You just need to learn to enjoy life and to understand that if you are destined to get hurt, it will happen no matter what.


Your main problem is that you really don’t know if you want a relationship or not.

You like one person, but as soon as you see someone else, you consider them as well. Maybe this is something you can hide at the beginning of a relationship, but when your partner gets to know you better, they will see what you do.

You need to know that it is not okay to play with people’s emotions and that you probably wouldn’t like that to happen to you.

If you don’t like someone, tell them so, but whatever you do, don’t make fools out of them.


You fall in love very easily, so your main issue is that you choose the wrong partners.

If you instantly like someone, you will immediately try to win them over, and you won’t think about the consequences.

You just want to enjoy life, and that’s why you do things like that, but in the end, you get hurt.

Since you choose the wrong partners for yourself, they hurt you somewhere along the road, and you lose faith in love.

What you should know is that the good things don’t happen overnight and that you need to wait for real love to happen.