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This Year, Let Go Of The One Who Isn’t Ready To Love You

This Year, Let Go Of The One Who Isn’t Ready To Love You

Let this be the point in your life in which you decide that enough is enough. Don’t stay somewhere you are not seen, appreciated or loved.

Don’t stay, because things will only get worse. I know it’s a big decision and that it will be painful and hard but cut the cord that’s holding you attached to him.

There’s nothing you can say or do to change the way he is. He will always stay the same and he’ll never be good enough for you.

Open your eyes babygirl and see him for who he really is, not for you want him to be.

He hardly ever finds time for you. He does everything for his own convenience. He means everything to you but for him, you are just an option and you know that deep down. It’s killing you slowly.

His games and this on-again, off-again thing you have with him is making you lose your sanity. You’ve been on this emotional roller coaster ride for so long and it seems it will never stop until you decide to put a stop to it.

Take a look in the mirror babygirl, you deserve so much more.

Take a good look and see how beautiful you are, how special, kind-hearted and remarkable you truly are.

Silence those voices that make you think you are not good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough and that they are the reasons why he doesn’t give you the time of day.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Him treating you poorly has everything to do with him and the mess in his head and nothing to do with you. Stop doubting yourself. Stop focusing on your flaws and focus on your perfections.

You have many of them, don’t toss them away so easily. Don’t pretend that they are not important. Embrace your flaws as well and accept yourself because you are amazing just the way you are.

See yourself with a whole different set of eyes, the ones that aren’t polluted with his presence.

You are not made for him babygirl, he doesn’t know how to love.

And you are all about love. You need someone who notices that and is not scared to love you back. Someone who isn’t afraid to feel. Someone who is ready to be the man you deserve.

That someone is not him. He is incapable of love. All he knows is how to take from you without giving anything back. All he cares about is himself.

Accept him for who he is, a learning chapter of your life that taught you what love should never look like.

Don’t confuse him for your forever person, he is nothing more than a tough lesson you had to learn so you could become stronger, wiser and learn to love yourself more.

Dream and create, babygirl.

Invest in yourself as much as you have invested in him and even more. Give yourself time to heal but always keep moving forward; no matter how slow or fast you progress, every step counts.

Don’t allow your relationship status to define you. Cherish the inner peace you have when you are alone instead of the mess he puts you through. Count on yourself like you could never count on him. Be your own rock. You got this.

You can do whatever you put your mind to, just give yourself the same amount of energy, love and commitment he didn’t value and see how your life starts changing for the better.

Let go of the one who isn’t ready to love you, babygirl.

Let him go no matter how much it hurts because his presence in your life will hurt even more. You deserve better than this.

You deserve that all-consuming, ‘can’t live without you’ type of love and not the one you need to push and pull and force. That love is not true, it’s only temporary.

Begin this year with a clean slate and free of him. Make room for someone worthier, for someone who is ready for you, for someone who will be crazy about you.

And never settle for less.