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To My Best Friend With A Broken Heart: It Wasn’t Your Fault

To My Best Friend With A Broken Heart: It Wasn’t Your Fault

My dear bestie,

Seeing you crying over someone who doesn’t deserve you hurts me more than you can imagine.

I don’t understand how life is so unfair and how it always sends the wrong people to the good ones.

I know that you were one of those less lucky girls who had to go through a heartbreak but there is something I want you to know: It wasn’t even your fault.

It was all about him the whole time. He was the one who didn’t want to put in any effort for the two of you. He was the one who cheated on you and he was the bad one.

So, stop wondering if you could have done some things differently because even if you gave your best it still wouldn’t have been enough to him.

Don’t you dare think that you aren’t worthy or enough. Don’t listen to his toxic stories to win you back.

woman comforting her sad friend

You don’t deserve to be with a jerk like him. I am sure that once your heart heals, you will be able to find someone who will make all the pain go away.

There is a man who will cherish you like I do and he will never take you for granted. So, please don’t waste your tears on someone who couldn’t even fight for you.

Don’t turn those pearls from your eyes into mud.

Don’t cry over someone who was a coward to not even admit that he didn’t love you anymore . He did it in a different way, by sleeping with another girl and making sure that you found out about that.

This act just shows how selfish and cruel he is. I know that you loved him and I know that he was the world to you but he is just a narcissist in disguise.

He is an emotional vampire who doesn’t know to make himself happy but he needs to suck other people’s energy out. And that was what he did to you.

He leeched off of you. He sucked you dry. He beat you to emotional death. And then he moved on to another victim.

young woman crying

I know that you can’t understand my words right now because there are thoughts that just keep rushing through your head.

But when things calm down, you will realize what I was talking about the whole time.

So, if you hear anything that is coming out of my mouth, I want you to stop sobbing over him. Hold your head up high and wipe those tears away.

You are way stronger than a man who couldn’t even admit that he stopped loving you. You have love for the whole world and he doesn’t know what he is missing.

But once he stays alone, he will realize what he lost when he let you go.

He will see that no woman is like you and that no one will love him like you did. He will try to find you in every other girl but he will never be able to do that. And in the end, he will stay alone and sad for letting you slip away so easily.

sad man sitting on the couch

And you?

I know that you are smart and that you will move on. You will proudly leave him behind and the only time you will look back will be to see how far you have come.

You won’t suffer about him anymore and you will start a new chapter of your life. And when you stay alone, you will realize that he actually helped you.

A man you cursed so much helped you to realize how not to treat a lady. He made you realize that you deserve the world and that you shouldn’t settle for less than you deserve.

So, go on, enjoy life and make someone else happy. That is what you do the best and I am sure that a real man will cherish that.

Baby, I just hope the right one will cherish you as much as I do!

To My Best Friend With A Broken Heart It Wasn't Your Fault