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10 Signs He’s Not Putting Effort Into Your Relationship

10 Signs He’s Not Putting Effort Into Your Relationship

Some time into the relationship, you find yourself wondering if you’re the one who keeps the relationship together and if you’re the one who makes all the effort to keep your relationship alive.

It can get exhausting, tiring. This is also called a ‘’one-sided relationship’ and no one wants that, for sure.

The important bit here is that you feel like something has changed and that you need to figure out what.

For whatever reason, your partner simply stopped acting like he’s interested in you and he’s taking you for granted.

He’s simply not putting enough effort into the relationship if he does these 10 things:

He doesn’t ask you how you are

I know this might seem a bit shallow, but asking you how your day is going or how you’re doing is very important.

If he asks you about your well-being, it means that he really wants to know if you’re doing well or if something’s bothering you. This takes no effort at all, to simply send a text or ask you if you’re okay.

If he doesn’t do this, he simply doesn’t really care about putting effort into the relationship.

You’re doing all the work

He never does anything to surprise you or to show you how much you mean to him.

You are the one who always plans the dates and picks the places where you’re going.

He simply can’t be bothered to put some thought into it. That’s just too much work for him and it makes you feel like he doesn’t care at all.

He complains constantly

If you two go to a concert or movie together, all you hear the entire night is him complaining about the content, about the music, about anything and everything.

He makes it very clear that he doesn’t want to be there at all. You can’t enjoy yourself because you’re listening to him complaining about the way his drink tastes or how uncomfortable the chair is.

But just think about all those times you went with him to something he wanted to do or see and no matter how bad you found it to be, you’d sit it through because it meant so much to him.

He doesn’t put any effort into looking good

OK, I get it, you’ve been in a relationship for quite some time now and you’re comfortable with showing all the nasty sides of your personality.

But if you’re going to a special occasion and he can’t be bothered to dress well or if you’re celebrating your birthday and he shows up looking like Quasimodo, you can’t really say that he’s willing to put effort into anything that would make you happy.

He doesn’t buy you gifts

We’re women, so we like to be spoiled. We don’t want expensive gifts, cars and houses. We want our partner to remember the little things.

If he remembers your birthday but doesn’t buy you a gift, it just shows that he wasn’t prepared to invest even the tiniest amount of money into making you happy.

He’s selfish during sex

The only time he’d go down on you and make you feel good during sex is if you told him to do so.

He’s selfish and the moment he’s done, the game’s over and he starts being very rude about your needs, acting like he’s exhausted.

He texts back, but doesn’t text first

You start noticing that you’re always the one who starts the conversations. It’s so much more different than it was before, and he doesn’t send you weird videos and memes anymore.

You are always the one who wants to know if you’re still going to the party, because if you didn’t ask, he’d pretend that he forgot and not go at all.

He ‘forgets’

He forgets to tell you important things that happen in his life or things that you think to be very important for your relationship.

Dear, he simply can’t be bothered to tell you what’s going on in his life.

He doesn’t show interest in your future

Your future as partners and the future of your relationship doesn’t seem to be important to him. He doesn’t show interest in taking it to another level.

That’s why you feel so insecure and like you’re going nowhere, because he’s acting like there is no tomorrow for you two.

He never apologizes

Even when you confront him about something that he’s done wrong, he won’t take you seriously and he doesn’t apologize. The words, ”I’m sorry,” don’t exist in his vocabulary.

You might cry in front of him, but his hugs don’t feel like he actually knows what he’s done wrong. He doesn’t know that he’s losing you.