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To The Girl Still Searching For Her Big Love

To The Girl Still Searching For Her Big Love

I was once you. I was disappointed in men because my heartbreaks taught me not to trust anyone. I temporarily satisfied myself with small loves because I didn’t believe that I’d ever experience the big one.

I almost gave up on searching for my big love but the voice in my head told me that I was a fool. I was a fool if I was going to waste my time on almost lovers.

People were telling me that such a thing as big love didn’t exist. They believed that there was only one concept of love that was universal.

I kept on being stubborn because I believed in an old-fashioned love with all of my heart. I kept on searching until it found me. No matter what they told me, I never stopped expecting big love and you shouldn’t either.

Don’t let them tell you what to believe.

You know yourself. You know what type of person you are and you shouldn’t let them tell you what to expect from life.

If you want an old-fashioned love, where he kisses your forehead, holds your hand and watches the stars with you—wait for it. Don’t let them tell you that it doesn’t exist.

Because it does. Believe in your dreams and wishes because only if you believe, will it happen. Expect big love with all of your heart and at the same time, be patient.

And it will come. Big love will find you when you least expect it and once it finds you, it will stay.

Fight for your dreams.

If you don’t fight for what you believe, you cannot expect it to happen. Whatever they tell you, tell them that they’re not right.

Don’t settle for something that doesn’t make you happy only to prove to them you can. Don’t do that. Fight for your dreams of big love proudly and persistently.

Daydream about the man who will make you feel like you’ve belonged to him this whole time. Enjoy the feeling of being one with him.

Before you go to sleep, pray for patience and understanding. Do never stop dreaming about big love even when you’re wide awake.

To The Girl Still Searching For Her Big Love

Stay single until big love comes.

Don’t ever let them feel like you have to validate yourself for being single. If you don’t enjoy small love, stay single until the big one comes.

Enjoy spending time with your favorite people, find some weird hobbies that will fulfill you, travel the most deserted roads, live life to the fullest—find yourself. Feel free to go wild from time to time, if it’s going to make you feel better.

Whatever you do, don’t find temporary satisfaction in one-sided, lustful romances. Wait for the big love to find you because it will. Big love will find you when you’ve found yourself.

Big love will come when you fall in love with yourself first.

Big love will come when you forgive yourself for letting them hurt you and when you’re ready to open your heart. If you don’t go over past events, you will never be able to open your heart again.

Accept your past, live in the present and accept the future. Accept the beauty of big love that is about to come.

And don’t forget to love yourself. While searching for big love, don’t let the waiting make you impatient or to think that you’re not worthy of it.

God knows you are. Love yourself like you’d want them to love you. Believe in yourself.

Wait for love that trusts, that cherishes, that stays.

Don’t apologize for wanting love that is selfless. Wait for someone you will trust, for someone who will cherish and nurture you, for someone who will stay.

Wait for love that will make you believe the best things happen unexpectedly. Open your mind and heart and wait for someone who will prove to you that your dreams are not a fantasy.

Wait for love that will make your reality turn into a dream. That will make your heart beat faster.

Wait for someone with whom you’ll share your fears when life scares you.

Wait for someone with whom you’ll share joy when life awards you.

When big love finds you, you’ll never feel alone again and you’ll never have to search for it again because big love stays. When big love finds you, you’ll know you’ve won.

To The Girl Still Searching For Her Big Love